15 Steps to Making it BIG in MLM


Every day I get calls from people that ask me what they need to do to become profitable in MLM. How does a person fill up their database with MLM affiliate marketers? The answer is simple. And once you understand this one principle, it will forever change the way you do MLM forever.

Become an MLM Problem Solver!

Target the 99% of the industry that are looking for answers and searching for leadership and offer them tools, tips and strategies on how to MARKET themselves and their business. Learn REAL MARKETING principles and build a strong foundation built upon trust. Provide value to the industry by helping to educate as many people as you can. There is some type of good karma that comes from doing this. Your value increases to the world and your phone will start to ring with more and more incoming phone calls.

When this started to happen for me, and I began replying to more and more emails, I decided to write this article as a reference point with an exact step by step guide of what you need to do to have this philosophy work for you too in your MLM. You will have to trust the fact that these principles are not based upon luck. They are based upon the proven principles of marketing. And marketing is truly a science.

Keep in mind that there are more ways to do MLM than there are people in MLM. There is no right way, or wrong way to do the business. You have to find what you like best and what works best for you. The bottom line is that MLM is about relationship marketing. So you really have to like building relationships. And with MLM…. you have to really enjoy helping people.

In MLM it takes between 5 to 12 exposures for a person to enroll into an organization. This is really important to know ahead of time. If you understand this in the beginning, it makes the marketing process a lot easier and one of the reasons you will want to automate your marketing with systems and auto responders.

If you use these strategies correctly, and continue to market to MLM affiliate marketers that are looking for answers and searching for leadership, your phone will start to ring more and more with incoming phone calls. If you are an impatient person in MLM, you will end up coming across like a pitchman, a salesperson, or a telemarketer. And for the most part any success you have will be short lived. This is why it is important to understand these steps I have listed below and get set up properly right from the very start. Once you learn this strategy and learn how to teach this strategy, your business will start to grow exponentially at lightning speed.

This is a formula that I have found will build a targeted list of MLM affiliate marketers in your database the fastest.

Step 1: Take the focus off of your product and your company and put your #1 focus on BRANDING YOURSELF as a leader in the industry and genuinely wanting to help people.

Step 2: Get some professional photographs done of yourself as well as some lifestyle shots.

Step 3: Hire a graphic artist to make some professional looking banners featuring you in all of the banners. YOU need to become the product, not your company, or the product you are marketing.

Step 4: Design a branded web page (featuring you) that does not sell your product or company but gives away valuable tools, information and software. This will position you as a leader in the industry immediately.

Step 5: Write out your personal story about your background. Who you are, where you came from, why you got into the industry etc and post it on your personal website. If you want to attract a lot of people, you really need to brand yourself with either a web page or web site.

Step 6: Before you start marketing, MAKE SURE you have a database management system set up and an auto responder system in place so that you can communicate with your list in one click.

Step 7: Offer something of value that will target the 99% of people in the industry that are failing (i.e. a free report, free software download, ebook, MP3’s, training materials etc). Once you have built up trust, you can start to offer other business tools that will help people further along your path. This will fund your marketing and advertising budget and will make your business run profitably.

Step 8: Place free ads on websites like Craigslist. In the ads target the 99% of the market that are failing. Focus on being an MLM Problem Solver.

Step 9: Continue to provide content of value and free information that will further brand you as a leader and build a database of MLM affiliate marketers

Step 10: Spend more time asking people questions to identify their problems than pitching and selling.

Step 11: Give away your “formula of marketing” to every one of the MLM affiliate marketers you come in contact with. Set yourself up with a number of affiliate programs so that all of the tools you offer will pay you affiliate checks each month. This will further fund your marketing and advertising costs and continue to fill your database with people already sold on MLM.

Step 12: Show each new MLM affiliate marketers how to use the formula you are using. They will start to build up a database of MLM affiliate marketers too and have an ongoing supply of red hot leads to. Continue to build that relationship strong! People will typically switch MLM companies 3 to 8 times during their careers. Continue to provide great valuable content, focus on building the relationships.

Step 13: AFTER you have built up the relationship, ask your database of affiliates if they have “found their home in MLM” or whether they are “looking for a home”. Ask them if they are open to looking at any exciting new companies or new product launches. Or if they are interested in working with a team of professional marketers and getting free training.

Step 14: Drive as much traffic into the top of your marketing funnel using a host of free marketing tools and strategies like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Web 2.0, EzineArticles, press releases etc.

Step 15: Instead of promoting the big money pay checks and watching people get frustrated and quit, focus on teaching people to have the $500 per month Millionaire Mindset. This will set people up for success and you will retain way more affiliates in your company.

* The affiliates that you connect with, that are searching for leadership will just naturally want to work with you. As you start filling up your database with more and more MLM affiliate marketers, your phone will start ringing with more and ore incoming phone calls from eager MLM affiiate marketers. This is a tried, tested proven formula for success in any home business. Once you have identified your key team players and marketers using this formula, continue to teach the same formula and have your new reps teach the same formula.

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