3 Facts About Kindle Books: Changing Lives


I write kindle books. My writing has received a lot of comments both positive and negative at the same time. Comments/Criticisms and appreciations happen every day and the feedback can either make or break you. Actually, though, I view all criticism as just a way that the reader has to give me feedback so I can improve upon my writing, ‘Thanks To Those Who Criticize’.

Lucky me, I am never discouraged but encouraged and challenged to be better each writing day. I am one grateful writer who has made fortune in this pursuit. But through the years of writing, I have discovered the most important aspect in this profession – how you touch lives.

I have also written a kindle book composing of the main reasons on why you should write a book. The purpose of the book was to let readers know the reasons on why they should start writing their own kindle books. It was an encouragement to make lives better. But I never thought that with that book I have touched and helped so many readers. Feedback showed that I did not just make them a living; I gave them the power of self-worth and self-respect. I never expected that it would make such impact to my readers.

Writing a book might not be an easy pursuit but it can be learned. The satisfaction and the fulfillment you earn is something you should look forward to in writing and finishing a book. How can kindle book change your life?

1.) Better. When you have achieved your goal of publishing a book, you then market it at kindle. It will be promoted, mainly by Amazon and readers will enjoy and read your new book. The attention and notoriety you gain will add to your confidence. When you become confident of yourself and who you are, you become a better person.

2.) Income. When your book has made sales then profit is at hand. Your income will increase and your living will be made more comfortable.

3.) Help. You would be of help to a lot of readers who are trying to find solutions to their problems. Your book might provide the information that they need.

These are the three major changes that can happen to you with kindle books. It is one life changing experience. I have noticed that those who write and finish books feel contentment and fulfillment in their lives. The feeling of contentment is an aid to write more and share more of what you know. It becomes like a hobby to write and inform people on the things that may also help them. It becomes a hobby to assist them. It becomes a natural pursuit to help them and make their lives better as well.

Writing Kindle books touch lives. The impact you leave to the readers is the biggest reward you will ever receive. How you inspire them is your legacy.


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