3 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Pre-Written Autoresponders


For many people just starting out online there is nothing wrong with using a business in a box type system especially if you have never done anything online before, but do not be fooled into thinking they are the be all and end all of your online business success.

Some of the best systems have provided me and thousands of others with a fantastic online marketing education and the ongoing training and support is usually excellent.

The main area that will at first make perfect sense to a newbie online marketer is that in addition to some ready-made landing or squeeze pages most systems provide a series of professionally written Autoresponders that when you put enough leads through the opt in and into your Autoresponder series in sufficient quantities sales will just pop out without you even picking up the phone.

The concept of having a well-known and highly regarded copy writer give you a series of Autoresponders is very attractive but if you are really looking to build a long-term business online and build your business into a huge organisation you are really going to need to create your own.

Never Outsource Your Voice

#1 Pre-Written Autoresponders are not your voice. If there is one thing you should never outsource online it would be your voice. The ideal in marketing is to create congruences with as little disconnect as possible and having a series of Autoresponders written in usually a hyped up with a fairly aggressive slant to them when you are nothing like that is not going to help you convert a percentage of your leads to sales no matter what it says on the box your business came in. The only way to conduct your business online in 2012 and beyond is to be yourself.

Be Wary Of Angry Un-subscribers

#2 The Emails you receive in response to your Autoresponders should say things like “I am so glad I came across your site” more than “How Do I un-subscribe?” Everyone has un-subscribers but if you do it more to do with the way you are communicating your message and your voice through your email marketing and Autoresponders than you think. It may well be just a numbers game to someone with an advanced marketing plan and huge advertising spend each month but to the little guys or gals starting out one fierce email can set them back in confidence for months as they begin to dread seeing the words “This lead has unsubscribed” in their inbox.

Add Warmth And Personality Rather Than Just More Sales Pitches

#3 Writing your Autoresponders with warmth and personality is going to show far more honesty and integrity than using a done for you type Autoresponder series that does not even sound like you. If you have taken the time to put yourself out there on video on your landing page and have not followed that up with your own voice in those Autoresponders there is going to be a disconnect. There is also a very high chance that there are thousands of same emails sitting unread in thousands of peoples in boxes who are not only fed up with replicated websites but are fed up with seeing replicated emails too.

2012 and beyond is a different economy to a few years ago, it is time to get in control of your long-term goals and build a business that suits you and sounds like you not borrowed from someone else.


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