4 Of Affiliate Marketing’s Best Practices – Offering Your Affiliate Product to the World


The quickest way to start earning by selling online is as an affiliate for a product developed by someone else. As an affiliate your job is to get buyers for the product (aka marketing the product) for which you will receive a portion of the products earnings.

This could amount to 50% of the sales price all the way up to 100% of the sales price (this is possible because the product creator knows they will end up with a list of buyers they can continue to sell to after the sale you help produce).

Affiliate sales without a website.

You could sell as an affiliate without a website, simply by creating a Facebook page or a Facebook fan-page and putting posts and advertising on that Facebook presence alone. But if you plan to expand your reach, if you want more control over presenting the product you will want a web site of your own.

Affiliate sales with a website.

Nowadays you can have your own website hosted for a few bucks a month and with a little research you can create your own real nice website with WordPress. There are an enormous number of WordPress plugins, paid and free, to make it easier to get the most of your site, evening for beginners.

If you decide to develop a web site you should consider using a single unique web page to promote each individual product you’re marketing.

In selling just about anything when you lump multiple products that you may be marketing onto a single page, you will dilute the attention of your visitor and cause confusion. Remember the old marketing / sales adage “a confused mind always says no”.

Taken a step farther you may decide to create a single site and domain name, to target each specific product you are marketing. And most web hosts will let you add unlimited ‘addon domains’ for free, allowing you to have a single site for each product you’re marketing all for the cost of one hosting account.

Using product review as an affiliate marketer.

Having a product review on your website allows you to give your visitors a clearer idea of what the product can do for those who decide to buy.

This is best done when you’re illustrating the challenges that this product solves for them. And showing them the benefits they can expect to receive from the purchase. (Note we’re saying benefits – not features – what it does for them, not its parts or what it is.)

It’s also very good of you can describe the difficulties (read ‘pain’) they’re now experiencing because they don’t yet have the product.

If possible you should also include testimonials from users who have already used the product. To give these testimonials more impact you will want to use customers who will allow you to use their names and photos along with their testimonial.

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A sales page is of course where you’ll do your best to list all the product does to solve their challenges, and which will have a call to action (a Buy Button or link) so they can purchase the product.

Affiliate marketing using by submitting articles.

But in addition to a sales page you can also write articles laying down even more of what the product does to help make their lives easier. These articles would highlight any additional uses or benefits of the product and could be included on the website as an additional page.

Of course you will want all pages to be attractive and compelling and definitely always include calls to action on all pages, so they can act on the information, i.e. buy the product.

Whether it’s your sales page or additional article pages; each needs to have a headline designed to attract your visitors to read deeper into your page, or perhaps even contact you.

You can use ‘bullet points’ to highlight your special points of interest for your visitors. Well written ‘headlines’, ‘sub-headlines’, and ‘bullet points’ will help your visitors/readers more quickly learn what the page is about.

Some people like to read word for word, but most will scan over your writing to find where they want to dive deeper into the information you’re providing. ‘Sub-headlines’ and ‘bullet points’ help them to find what they’re looking for, to make easier their decision to buy.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when working to making a success of online selling so try to remember the above as you move forward.


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