7 Tips On How To Get Rid of Spam Forever!


I’m glad to see that you hate spam as much as the rest of us. Here are 7 internet-safe tips on keeping the spam out of your Inbox, and junk box for that matter:

  1. I would be willing to bet that a great number of readers are using Internet Explorer right now. Well toss the junk, and get in with the new. Alternate browser’s such as Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari have built in spam filtering tools much strong than Internet Explorer. Mozilla even comes with Mozilla Thunderbird, a highly anti-spamming e-mail program.
  2. Now if you are willing to go the extra mile, you have even stronger options such as Spamcop, where you can pay $30 a month to block out virtually 99% of all spam e-mail messages.
  3. This next tip is definitely one to keep in you arsenal of anti-spam warfare. If you are a frequent product buyer online, use an alternate email account for account registrations. Your e-mail is worth money to the spam gods, they will pay a lot to come in contact with it. Great places to go for free e-mail accounts are Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google.
  4. If you are actively committed to an online forum, keep your email private, and only allow moderators to view it. Spammers will use programs that read forums looking for e-mail addresses and can easily find your’s if it is not kept private. That’s an interesting one!
  5. (Best tip!) Now if I were you, and you were me, I would definitely recommend this product to me.. wait, you.. no us? Well you get the point, this is some of the best stuff on the market. It is a great product that puts your email on auto-pilot. How cool is that? It automatically deletes junk email based on your previous actions, it teaches itself what to junk and delete, how smart!
  6. Now this tip is one that will save you from a great deal of spam, although it may be a little tougher for you to do. Windows comes with a built in firewall, but no virus protection or internet security of that sort. Although you have the firewall, it would be similar to fighting a fire breathing, knight-crushing dragon with pebbles. I would highly recommend some virus protection software such as Kaspersky or Norton. Now this would set you up with a helicopter, fully armed with heat seeking missiles; works great for those fire breathing dragons. I bet you just love those amazing analogies right? Moving on- if you cannot afford to pay for this high quality virus protection, there is still light at the end of the tunnel! There is free virus protection software called AntiVir that isn’t that bad of stuff.
  7. Alright, last step! This one is an easy one and will just provide you with some suggestion on how to stay safe. Check out Anti-Spam Tips now for great ways to fight spam!

Now that I’ve shared with you 7 ways to help reduce the amount of spam you receive, take the initiative to test it all out, or as much of it as you can. If you found this information interesting, please visit my blog. Thank you!


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