9 Components of a Successful Program/Product Launch


A blockbuster program/product launch is no accident and is not an “overnight” success. There are many things that go into a launch, some may require a few months of preparation, to ensure an amazing outcome.

Here are the 10 components that you can find in most successful program or product launches:

  1. The big idea – the topic that helps your target market solve their challenges, a solution that they are willing to pay for, and something that you are passionate about (if you are half-ass-ing it, it shows)
  2. A catchy title – yep, this may sound superficial, but you do need a headline to get people to keep reading or listening on the awesomeness that you have to offer, right?
  3. Irresistible offer – make sure the value of what you offer is much more than what your clients will be paying for. Offer things that they find tremendous value in.
  4. A launch timeline with all the components laid out so you know exactly what to do and when.
  5. Drip content- start writing and sharing blog posts and great content related to the topic of your product/program months ahead. Position yourself as an expert on this topic. Create buzz and anticipation by mentioning your upcoming program.
  6. An exciting free training to further generate buzz and position yourself as an expert. You will also be growing your list and creating a sub-list to which you can market this program more aggressively. It needs to be high-content and allows you to connect emotionally to your audience.
  7. A compelling opt-in page for your free training. Nope “sign up to join” is not going to cut it. People are reluctant to hand over their email address and have more crap in their inbox unless it’s a very juicy offer that speaks to their need. Use a short video (if you are comfortable with the technology), and bullet points that highlight the benefits of what you are delivering.
  8. A kick-butt sales page. You need a place to direct your free training audience to find out more and pay you, right? Some components you would want to include are title, subhead, video (optional), images, the problem/challenge that your market faces and your product is going to solve, the benefits of your program, the features of your program, testimonials, a limited time or quantity bonus, an FAQ to address objections and of course a call-to-action (i.e. “buy now” button)
  9. A follow up email sequence that you will send to folks who attended your free training.

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