About the CANN-SPAM Act


Back in the year 2003, the CANN-SPAM act was put in place to fight the amounts of spam being sent to email inboxes all over the Internet. Not only are these annoying, they can clog up email systems when sent out in large masses. Most of them seem to be harmless advertisements, as annoying as they are, but there are some that may have a more malicious intent. Rather than categorize them, they were all covered under this act.

The CANN-SPAM act (other wise known as Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003) was most concerned with spam emails that contained things like pornography and other questionable materials, it covers everything unsolicited. This does not include lists you may have signed up for, and does not cover emails from companies with which you have done business with, at least in recent times.

The Federal Trade Commission is in control of making sure the provisions of this act are carried out. Some believe that the amount of spam that has been sent out has diminished in recent years, and they say the CANN-SPAM act has done this, but others believe it is more a matter of better technologies invented to deter and delete spam before it reaches any of its intended destinations. Also, under the act, messages that are not pornographic in nature are not really covered as they should be.

Under this act, any email should have the option to opt out. You should be removed from a list when this happens, and they have ten days to comply with your wish. Unfortunately, most opt-out links contained within spam emails only confirm that your address is active, and that makes it valuable to those that sell addresses to other spammers.

Some have been arrested under this act, but there is still a huge amount of spam floating around online. There may be no one answer to getting rid of it, and as long as people continue to click and buy, spam email is going to be useful and profitable. You can find out more about the CANN-SPAM [http://www.reverseemaildetective.com/freearticles.shtml] act, look around online for more information.


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