Affiliate Earning – Why Two Tier Affiliate Programs Are the Best


With the cost of advertising skyrocketing, many savvy internet marketers are turning to affiliate marketing to promote their products. The attraction to affiliate programs stems from the free advertising an affiliate program gives a product and the resulting traffic generated by earning affiliates. Why are two tier affiliate programs the best?

Affiliate programs are also called reseller, associate, link or referral programs. The product owner shares the profit with the earning affiliate or reseller. The best example is Click Bank where over 10,000 products are listed and affiliates earn 30-75% per sale. The problem with most of these products is that you get one or two sales for every 100 referrals. In order to squeeze out every benefit from your advertising dollars, you have to create or join a two tier affiliate program.

On joining any affiliate program you basically sign a contract with the owner of the product to sell his product and earn an agreed commission for every sale. You do not need a product of your own. How can you make such a program two tier?

First, you need to sign up for a good auto responder service. An auto responder service will help you to store e-mails of prospects and send automated messages. Send the traffic from a paid advert to a web page that captures e-mails in exchange for a free e-book or report. A mail list in a particular niche gives you a two tier opportunity to make money. You can send offers for other similar products or continue to market the original product for many months after the advert campaign runs out of steam.

If you do not want to learn the technicalities of capturing e-mails and using auto responders, then by all means join affiliate programs that offer two tier payments. When you join you are usually required to pay a monthly hosting fee for your web site or a membership fee. A portion of this is shared with the one who introduced you to the program. As earning affiliates build up their direct referrals, their residual income will continue to increase. The hosting service or membership becomes free because your referrals pay it for you.

The best programs give you a sales letter to help you presale your prospects and persuade them to join the program as earning affiliates. They also come with an auto responder that builds your own e-mail list. Usually the auto responder is packed with messages or a news letter which goes out automatically for up to a year. Such two tier earning affiliate programs will increase your chances of success tremendously.

Earning residual income is the foundation of true wealth. Seek out two tier affiliate programs. Making money as an affiliate has never been easier but make sure you do not waste you advertising dollars and have nothing to show after wards. Two tier affiliate earning programs are always the best.


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