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Anxiety is not usually caused by brain abnormalities or mixed-up chemistry.  Most of the anxiety that everyday people suffer from has its cause somewhere.  Whether it’s the morning traffic, major changes at work, or a new addition to the family, there’s something causing your stress and worry.

Almost everybody suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  It’s not a sign that you’re “losing it.”  Things that happen everyday can cause stress, and the key to dealing with it is to identify it’s causes and put a positive spin on it.

Workplace Stress

It should be no surprise that the workplace is a major cause of stress.  For those of us who suffer from work-related anxiety, the danger is that it can spill over and effect the rest of our lives as well. 

Workload and high expectations are often causes of workplace problems.  There may be too much work to do, or you may be saddled with too many tasks that you can’t complete.  Fear of failure, and fear of “letting everybody down” are major stressors. One thing that you can do is to realize that everybody isn’t perfect.  It’s not an all-or-nothing situation.  You can try your best to make it 100%, but let yourself slide a little if it gets too overwhelming.  After all, you’re only human.

Negative Thinking

Anxiety is a cycle.  Something bad happens, we harp on it, everything starts to look bad, and then we’re setting ourselves up for the next bad thing that will happen!  Breaking the cycle of negative thinking is the best way to cope.

How often do you face a long day ahead thinking about how tough it’s going to be?  This is a no-no.  Positive thinking should start first thing in the morning, the minute you pop out of bed.  Each day when you wake up, think about the good things that will happen today, and forget about the troubles that might be awaiting you.

The key is to prepare yourself for what is going to happen next.  Take a minute and tell yourself that you are strong, confident and cool, and that no situation is beyond your control.  When little failures or roadblocks fall into your way, tell yourself that these things are bound to happen, and move on. Learn also to recognize negative thoughts before they take hold of you.  These habits of thinking are the number one cause of anxiety, and learning to control them is one easy thing you can do to treat yourself. 


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