Arbonne Skin Care Aromatherapy


Formulated in Switzerland and made in the USA, Arbonne Skin Care Aromatherapy is the product of a company whose name is synonymous with quality. Created in 1975 by Petter Mork and a specially selected group comprised of bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, Arbonne began selling to the United States in 1980. They have relied on botanical principles to create their extensive line of health and beauty products including their new Arbonne Skin Care Aromatherapy line.

All Arbonne products are all natural and ethically made. Never tested on animals and formulated without using animals or animal bi-products, their products are animal friendly. They are also hypoallergenic, made without dyes or chemical fragrances, making the products skin friendly as well.

When using Arbonne Skin Care Aromatherapy, you not only cleanse your skin with a specially chosen formula created to go with your skin type, you cleanse your mind with special scents specified to your needs. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to stimulate or relax the mind and body and Arbonne has combined this ancient practice with very modern skin care formulas, creating a unique experience coupled with beautiful results. Awaken, Reactivate and Unwind are the three Aroma essentials to choose from and they embody the art of joining long held knowledge with today’s technology.

Awaken combines lemon and coriander to add a spring to your step every morning. Lemon is known for its toning abilities, the naturally high acid content helps it to strip away dead skin leaving behind a fresh bright clean feeling. Coriander’s distinctive scent leaves you feeling bubbly. Use the Sea Salt Scrub and Shower Gel in the mornings and feel their influence throughout your morning. A quick spritz of the Rejuvenating Mist or a little Body Lotion when things slow down and you will be picked right back up!

Reactivate is for a little later in the day, spicy and warm it was developed to give confidence while perking you up for the rest of the day. Pepper, ginger and jasmine comprise the Reactive essential oil and are the base through which the line was developed. The pepper and ginger were chosen for their confidence giving aromas and jasmine was used to top it off with a flower fresh scent. Featuring a Body Lotion and Rejuvenating Mist, this line was specially developed to pick you back up when the day starts dragging.

Unwind is relaxation in a bottle. Combing ylang ylang and chamomile, it’s like a warm mug of tea for your skin. Comforting scents sooth tired muscles and moisturize while also conditioning your skin. Bath Salts and the Bath and Shower Gel in a nice warm bath get you ready for bed, use the Body Lotion when you get out or, if you’re lucky, someone can give you a rub down with the Unwind Massage Oil. You can even spray a little Rejuvenating Mist on your pillow to top it all off.

As you can tell the people at Arbonne put together their best when they created the Arbonne Skin Care Aromatherapy line. Use all three or just your favorite; you will not be sorry you did.


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