Aromatherapy and Healing Your Yeast Infection


Scented products are used in many different areas around the home and also for the body. They have been in use for many centuries. As part of mans survival he quickly learnt that plants were useful and he discovered which ones he could use for health and which ones would affect his well being. Many of these origins are obscure as people were interested in keeping the survival of the species alive and these discoveries were handed down from one generation to the next. From very basic information people would notice which plants made them ill, which were safe to eat and which ones made them feel healthier. As people moved to new areas they built a knowledge of their environment and started to use it to their advantage.

At first it would have just been flowers and plants that people may have used in their homes and maybe some of the oils were rubbed on their bodies. Even the smoke from burning certain products left a scent that was used as an insect repellent or an aroma to help heal some ailments. Scented products have been used on a regular basis for religious ceremonies so many of the products that were used would have been revered and sacred.

It was not until about the 10th century that the skills of oil distillation were learnt to harvest the pure essential oils. Many aromatic plants contain essential oils which have been used to calm, relax and even sedate. On the other side of things they have also been used to refresh and stimulate the mind and body. Once the healing properties of these essential oils were discovered they became very popular.

Essential Oils

The essential oils are a natural and volatile substance that has many beneficial properties. The oil evaporates easily into the air, releasing their aromas freely, just as if someone has brushed against a plant. The easiest way to utilize these oils to create a fragrance for the home is to use a vaporizer or oil burner. A bowl with some warm water in it can have a few drops of essential oils added to it and the scent will waft gently through the home, especially if there is an open window near by. An oil burner is a small vessel that can hold a small amount of water with a few drops of essential oils that can be positioned above a small heat source, something like a small candle that will heat the water and oil gently so that it evaporates slowly into the atmosphere and cause a subtle lingering aroma around the home. Make sure that the oil burner is positioned away from the reach of children and inflammable materials. If you choose the appropriate essential oil then you can affect the mood of the people in the home at the time of using the oil burner.

One of the best ways to create a relaxing atmosphere is to place a few drops of essential oils in a bath of warm water to soak and relax in. The oils need to be diluted in some vegetable oil, cream or full cream milk before adding to the bath water and the best way to do this is to wait till the bath is nearly full and then pour the diluted mix near the running water to help disperse the oils in the bath and to help release the aromas into the air. Adding the essential oils to the bath water is also a successful way of aiding the healing process during illness.

Because aromatherapy has a relaxing affect on the body it allows the body to be in a calmer state and so the healing process starts to work. Stress has a debilitating affect on us and allows things like yeast infections to take hold and weaken our immune systems. By using proven natural therapies like aromatherapy we can start to place remedies in place that will give the body enough defenses to fight back and subtly regenerate ourselves to the health we should all be aiming for.


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