Audio Product Creation – 6 Amazing New Steps to Advance With Audio Product Creation


Although audio product creation is relatively new in the online arena, the competition in this field is noticeably stiff as more and more people are creating their own CD series or MP3s. If you are one of them, I wish to share with you the 6 amazing new steps that can help you advance in this endeavor:

1. Learn how to eliminate background noises. If you are recording at the comforts of your own home, you need to eliminate or at least minimize unwanted noises to make your products sound more professional. You can do this by turning off all your appliances (TV, radio, air conditioning system, ceiling fans, etc.) and by asking people in your household to cooperate. If you want to skip all these hassles, you may opt to just have your room sound-proofed.

2. Get a quality microphone. What they say is true, the quality of your audio products will largely depend on the quality of your microphone. Be willing to invest and get the best in the market today. You may need to spend a couple of more dollars but I can guarantee you that it will worth it.

3. Keep it short. If you have broad topic in mind, I suggest that you break it up into several segments so you don’t offer your clients with a boring 2-hour recording. Focus on one specific topic at a time.

4. Don’t force or strain your voice when doing your recording. Your information base products will sound a lot better if you speak naturally. However, you need to work on your enunciation, voice inflections, speed, rhythm, volume, and breathing to give your clients great listening experience.

5. Prepare a loose outline. You can’t just think of a topic, grab your microphone, and wish that you can swing it. To make your recording well-guided and highly organized, you need an outline that contains all the information that you need to include in your audio products. Just make sure that your outline allows room for adlibs so you can insert personality or humor on your creations.

6. Edit your audio products. It is inevitable that you commit mistake or pause for quite a while that can lead to dead air. Don’t worry, these can easily be remedied by using a editing software that can help you improve not only the quality of your recording but also its content.


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