Bookworms Get Techie With AudibleListener


In this day and age, everything has gone digital — including books. People who have very little time on their hands can certainly appreciate something that will allow them to learn about something new while they keep their hands busy. Take for instance AudibleListener.

Audible-what? AudibleListener is the name of a program to which you subscribe if you want to get an audio format for a variety of things: French language lessons, the latest live album of your favorite band or musician, the best-selling novel of the month, or even that inspirational program you have been dying to listen to because you have not the time to attend it. There is a monthly subscription fee in order to use AudibleListener. The good thing is you can go with a ‘light’ membership or a ‘heavy’ membership, depending on the volume of downloadable clips that you want to have.

Once you have subscribed to AudibleListener, simply choose the programs you want and download them onto your computer. You can save the files on both PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX) types of operating systems. You can even load the files on your mp3 player or burn them onto a CD or DVD. This way, you can learn something new while you stroll in the park (mp3 in tow), driving to work (with the CD or DVD you have burned), or even while you flit about to perform one task after another at home.

There are indeed a lot of advantages that come with having a membership to AudibleListener so you should get one for yourself now.

AudibleListener from is perhaps the best way to get audio books online, because here you can find books on romance, history, literature and a whole lot of other categories as well. To help you in buying the right audio books online, Audible provides a small description about the book and this in turn will help you make up your mind as to which audio book to buy and decorate the bookshelves in your home.


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