Buying Cars At Low Prices From Police Auctions


A lot of Americans have cars nowadays; in fact in a household almost everybody in the house has their own cars but there are still more Americans who still can’t afford to buy one.

This is where government auctions can help. They provide lower priced second hand vehicles that can let you achieve your goal in wanting your own automobile.

One of the most popular government auctions is the police auctions. These are cars that were previously impounded or decommissioned cars.

You can check out the car’s history that you are eyeing by looking at the vehicle identification number or the VIN. There are lists of available vehicles normally posted online.

Do remember that you are in an auction so there will be a bidding. You are not the only one who will be eyeing for this car. It is important that you know the right price for used vehicles like the one you want.

Besides, there are certain things you must remember to look at before buying that second hand vehicle.

1. Tires

Tires are expensive if it needs to be replaced. If you are not going to replace a worn out tire you are at risk of a terrible accident. So its either you look for a car with very good quality tires or you replace the tires if you purchase the vehicle. Sometimes tires can also be used as a gauge on how used up the vehicle is.

2. Leaks

If leaks are not visible you can search for spots. Leaks are a major no-no when purchasing a vehicle.

3. Dents

If dents are small and can easily be fixed then you can give it a thought. Of course you need to remember that aside from purchasing that car you will have to have it fixed…is it still that reasonable?

4. Over used and depleted belts

You don’t want to run into accidents or hear weird screeches because of overused belt.

5. Windshield and windows

Any scratches or non working windows is not a good deal.

6. Paint

Any damage in your car paint will eventually worsen. It’s difficult and more expensive if you have the paint repainted. Make sure you get a car that has no scratches or awful paint jobs.

If you are not very good with cars and car parts it would be a good idea to bring along with you someone more knowledgeable like a mechanic or you can bring a book a good primer on car parts (remember to read it before you even go to that auction).

Getting a good car by good research is your best bet in achieving your goal. Remember to look around first before purchasing.


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