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Social networking sites are in every corner of the Internet’s virtual world. No matter where you go, you would most likely bump into one. All for your better usage, you could easily communicate with your friends, old and new, wherever they may be, whenever you or they are available. On the other hand, if you are one of those who do not have an account yet in any social networking site, here are the top 10 social networking websites you could be a member of. You could even have multiple memberships as many as you could maintain and like.

“Facebook” is probably today’s most in-thing and most visited site. At first, when it was started, many people thought that it would just be like MySpace. But this site has managed to surpass MySpace. In terms of the Facebook’s wide variety of applications and functions, more and more users prefer this site which has every socializing need rolled into one huge virtual space.

The next one is “MySpace.” It only comes in second it has fewer functions. But then again, it could still top the charts because it has wider population base and massive number of users than most social networking sites.

“Hi5” would be the third one. This site is remarkable due to its simple functions that are very easy to navigate. Social networking could be very at ease within this site.

The fourth one is “43 Things.” If you are one of those people who have frustrated plans, and you look forward to having people to support you, this site is best for you. “43 Things” is all about socializing and providing online support groups. These groups could have the problem just like yours, or that some could even help you.

“Windows Live Space by MSN” is in fifth place. Flexibility and at the same convenience are provided by this site. You could easily edit your profile, page and section by the simple process of clicking, dragging and dropping. Just drag and drop a specific feature and it’s good to go. This also has widgets that actually work effectively.

The next socialization site is “Gather.” This social networking site is for those who are very patient and very much diligent in keeping blog posts. You can write, comment and post all you want, any time of the day, any day of the week.

“Worlds” is yet another great social networking site. Just from its name, you could understand that this site offers virtual worlds. Through these virtual settings, you could travel in different locations to meet people just like you do in the real world. You could even perk up the appearance of your avatar however you please – physical look and even clothes.

In eighth place is the social networking website “Live Mocha.” This virtual space is for those who want to have ultimate social networking through various languages. Through this site, you could learn to speak and understand different languages. Simply sign up for an account and you can immediately familiarize yourself with any language you choose as long as you dedicate time in learning.

“Stickam” would be in ninth place. This site a sure winner for webcam users and active chat room visitors. If you are into chatting via web cameras, you could definitely enjoy this social networking site with detailed visual settings.

Lastly, but definitely not the least of all networking sites, “Profilcatic” is another great socialization virtual space. This social networking site could be considered as the most comprehensive one. Upon creating your account in this site, you can integrate all your other social networking accounts. The site gives out signals, leads and alerts whenever each one of your accounts has been updated.


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