Child Audio Books


Do you have to do a very long trip by car with kids ? One of the main questions you should be asking yourself is : How will we entertain them during most of the duration of the journey ?

Child Audio Books can be an excellent answer for that. They can be a perfect way to spend time as they can make your children develop their imagination being very happy. In addition, listening to a different voice, that they don’t know, can be useful to get the children attention for quite a long time.

The age of the children is not an issue. There are different categories of child audio books, for very little ones, for not so little and also for teenagers. Perhaps you can play a child audio book for the youngest in the car’s radio and let the older ones listen to another one in a portable MP3 player.

Titles like Bob the Builder, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are titles that can be played to the little ones, under ten year old. And perhaps for older ones, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Maybe you can join the children and also listen your favourite audio book, too !

The duration of most child audio books is over forty minutes, so with a few of them you can keep your children attention during most of the trip, and letting them spend a very good time. And something not less important : Let you spend a good and peaceful journey.


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