David Banner – That Crook’D ‘Sipp


“That Crook’d ‘Sipp” was a cartoon created in 2007 for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late night programming block. Created by American rapper David Banner, along with Mike Weiss, Nick Weidenfeld, and Jacob Escobedo, the cartoon centered around the Beauregards, a dysfunctional, white family that embody the spirit associated with the Old South. The tagline given by Cartoon Network describes the cartoon as such – “The Beauregard family, much like their Mississippi mansion, is falling apart. Relics of the Old South, this dysfunctional clan sits in stark contrast to the modern crunk-fueled Dirty South that has grown up around their crumbling estate, Frenchman’s Bend.” In the cartoon, the Beauregard family appears to be the only white characters in cartoon. According to Banner in an interview, “It’s going to be about an older white family in Mississippi whose mind frame is still caught in the 1800s…Then along comes me, and then, wow!”

The carton debuted on the Cartoon Network on May 13, 2007 in line with the station’s “The Night of 1,000 Pilots.” It garnered favorable reception and was given the green light to create six additional episodes to complete a first season. Unfortunately, before production commenced, the cartoon was completely scrapped and then retooled for an upcoming speak titled “Freaknik: The Musical.”

Aside from writing the cartoon, Banner also starred in it as Virgil Gibson. Other actors included Roxanne Estrada, Heather Lawless, Adam Reed, Jason Walden, and Hayden Ward.

When asked why he wanted to create this cartoon, Banner said, “‘Crook’d Sipp’ deals with societal issues of the day and allows me as a rapper to use another avenue to get the word out on issues that they may have not have a chance to do through sound recordings.”


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