Direct Sales Website Promotion – Ditch Your Company’s Duplicated Website If You Want to Succeed!


Never had a person been so excited at the prospect of getting their own personal website like I was when I first enrolled in a direct selling company! If you looked at the goals I had set for myself, it was very evident to that I knew something of the effectiveness of website optimization in attracting what I thought would be a sea of customers coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN to my site and purchasing loads of products.

My thought process was rather simplistic at the time. I did not quite grasp the nature of website ranking on google, you PR and the like and neither did I count this as a factor that would directly impact my business. All I could see in my minds eye was that people interested in a business would simply find me through a Google search and singing up under me. After all that is how I came to meet my personal mentor, coach and friend Ann Sieg – The Renegade Network Marketer!

The startling truth became very apparent at the realization all I had was but a dummy site and the only visitor in my oodles of traffic was none other that faithful me checking in everyday to see if I had made a sale.

Let me Share with you the major problem of the free website templates that your company provides:

1. Duplicate Content: Any website marketing guru can detail with amazing clarity the negative effects of similar content on your website ranking. Search engines like people like the allure of the new. Nobody likes day old news. And that is exactly what your company replicated website is, day old news multiplied by the number of hundreds of thousands of other direct sales representatives in your beloved company!

Simple. Search engines hate duplicate content, so they only rank a few of the sites highly, and the rest are buried deep down in Google purgatory never to be found or stumbled upon accidentally!

2. Poor website optimization. I spoke at length to a lady who was working on her meta tags. When I asked if she knew what a meta tag was, she said no. And I wondered how she could be working on something that she didn’t know about. Have you ever thought or wondered to yourself how come no one finds you online? Have you put in a couple of key phrases associated with your company and each time your parent company always seems to pop up while you are no where to be found? Lovely meta-tags, these a descriptive titles, keywords ad phrases that potential business partners and customers type in order to find what they need! It behooves you to learn what people are looking for, where they are looking for it and how they look for it. Why? So you can strategically position yourself in the eye of the storm so to speak, the storm of a flood of traffic of people who want to do business with you!

3.Fear. Yes many when asked about their attraction to the free websiste cite the following challenges:

* I do now know how to build a website as being their number one obstacle to getting a personal small business website.

Bill Gate, CEO of Microsoft indicated that in the new millennium there would be two kinds of businesses, “those that have websites and those that are out of business!” So currently you are really not in business are you?

4. People are done, sick and tired of dealing with nameless, faceless corporate entities. The most popular websites and coming to mind are Seth Godin’s Blog and the Stuff White People Like which have each won best websites award and in fact the latter made a nice profit. These websites have one thing in common they are personal to the owner, not generic to an industry. You have heard if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything correct? Well I am here to tell you that If you do not stand up and above the crowd you will fall flat on your face! People love to buy. People love to buy from those they know, like and trust! A website will allow you to brand yourself as a credible source of information and a person we can trust to do business with. No one likes cookie cutter templates! Show your unique self on your website!

5. Too often visitors to company website are bombarded with sales pitcthes, bombastic presentations and proof of overnight riches from automated systems. The Direct sales model of business is really not as competitive as they would like you to think. Our model of business is about building relationships. The website is the system, think of it as the door if you will that invites, nay, compels your visitors to venture in, look around. I rarely if ever walk into a store where I do not buy a trinket once I have a good view of what the establishment offers! Your website allows you to start building on the relationship so that you can eventually start capitalizing on the relationship.

You may not win the most popular websites award, and you may not be the best at website design but know this If people don’t find your business on the Web, they will certainly find a Website of one of your competitors!


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