Discussion Forums – A Great Source of Product Creation Ideas


Visit any popular forum and you will see how much activity takes place each day. As a quick tip, go to any search engine and type in your favorite topic followed by the word forum. The most popular forum for this topic will be returned, and you can see how active it is. Each day, people with the same interests visit forums looking for advice, sharing problems and helping others.

This is a great opportunity to become part of a community. You can also help others and even make money providing this help. After all, if you want to find out where people express their problems and look for a solution, take a quick look on any forum. You’ll soon see some excellent examples. If you can identify problems forum members encounter, and can supply a solution, you are creating the perfect product – a product with a ready made market. You know the product will sell, even before you have created it!

Joining a forum is easy. However, you can’t just sign up and start selling to members. You need prove you are a valuable member by helping others and sharing your knowledge. You must respect the rules of the forum. If you do, the payback can be huge. As you become familiar on a forum, you can begin to add even more value by creating solutions for members and other people interested in a particular topic. Check and see what the main problems being discussed are.

Research the problem and identify any existing solutions. If there are none, you can start work on your new project immediately. There may be products that address the problem, but are of poor quality. This is a situation where you can create a better alternative, and provide value for money. Often expensive solutions exist, especially if there is very little competition. This is where you could produce an affordable, improved alternative.

If you want to find out more about any topic, spend some time on a related forum. It’s the ideal research tool and the perfect place to generate great product ideas.


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