Does Aromatherapy Work for Tinnitus?


Tinnitus is a condition that afflicts many people, and yet there is no surefire cure to the problem. However, there are many different methods for tinnitus relief. Western doctors often recommend a variety of solutions which involve tinnitus maskers, coping methods (in hopes of diminishing or drowning the noise), and surgery.

Eastern doctors, on the other hand, tend to recommend the traditional tinnitus treatments that have been handed to them through the years. These tinnitus treatments, like acupuncture, herbal supplements, and aromatherapy are the same tinnitus treatments they employ for a variety of ailments, using different techniques depending on the illness. For tinnitus relief, one of the recommended treatments is aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a tinnitus treatment that actually lines up with western treatments that are aimed towards tinnitus relief. Both eastern and western medicine believe that relaxation, meditation, and calming exercises can help with tinnitus relief. The beliefs of aromatherapy are that the blends of fragrance should heal a person’s ailment as well as help calm and relax a person, helping them meditate.

When it comes to tinnitus relief, aromatherapy recommends several pure scents as well as several fragrance blends. One pure scent is that of juniper berry, a scent which is known to detoxify and cleanse the body’s blood. This oil has a pine like scent which can be soothing and invigorating at the same time.

For a gentler, woody aroma, cypress oil can be used. This scent is used for tinnitus relief because it is said to stimulate the blood circulation, which can be important in certain cases of tinnitus. Since some cases of tinnitus can be caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis, good blood circulation can lessen the ringing or eliminate it entirely.

A more floral aroma can be found in lavender oil, also used for tinnitus relief. Lavender is well known in the aromatherapy world because it is a powerful and effective relaxant or sedative. It’s very soothing and calming, and relieves stress very well. It’s also been known to help insomnia and anxiety, which can be very helpful to someone suffering from tinnitus.

These aromatherapy treatments for tinnitus relief can be applied several ways. They can be placed in an aromatherapy dispenser, which slowly releases the scent into the room with an air purifier-like machine (this is great if you are meditating and relaxing before bed). Another option is to drop about fifteen drops of the chosen oil into an ounce of carrier oil (your choice) and leave for a full day. This oil blend can now be used by rubbing a few drops behind your ears, the back and sides of your neck.

You should be able to smell the oil and it should enter your neurovascular points and trigger relaxation. Be sure to help it along by trying to relax as well. You can also try rubbing or gently massaging the back of your ears and the back and sides of your neck to further relax yourself.


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