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Internet has revolutionized human life in many ways than one and the latest in this regard is the e-book system. E-books are online books that can be downloaded from the Internet to the user?s PC or an e-reader device.

The various advantages of e-books over traditional books are high quality resolution, bright text, spectacular images, accompanying sound, and important hyperlinks. After it has been downloaded, an Internet connection is not required for reading the e-book. Many e-books have HTML documents accompanied with a built-in browser that compiles all documents into a single executable file. The reader is able to read and find information very quickly due to the various hyperlinks and internal search engines.

E-book generator is software, which creates e-books for writers and publishers. An e-book can be published in HTML or PDF publishing format. HTML e-book generators are also known as compilers and are more popular. It has multimedia and Internet compatibility, which allows for features such as video, gifs, sound and forms to be included in the e-book. An HTML based e-book is a series of Web pages complied in an .exe file, so that all the properties of the pages are well preserved. HTML e-books can be distributed on CD-Rom or by Internet download.

HTML e-books are good for smaller projects such as manuals and brochures, while PDF e-books are best for larger projects such as novels and books. HTML e-books are compatible only with windows and PC environment whereas PDF e-books have universal format compatibility. PDF preserves the original fonts, links, and images regardless of the application used to create the document. Many online e-book bookstores/retailers accept only PDF format e-books.

Thus an e-book can be compiled and published using an e-book generator, which is the software used to create the content of the e-book. It is very user friendly and can be used by writers themselves without the help of professional publishers.


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