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If you wish to sell your eBook products without going through a lot of hassles, you may want to try MyEbookMaster, an eBook management software you can use to sell ebooks on the internet easily.

MyEbookMaster eBook management software can be useful for you if

1. You are just starting out

2. You want to sell with a blog

3. You do not want to deal with eBook delivery and its security technicalities

4. You want an affordable affiliate program and ecommerce service and

5. You need a push-button eBook management software

With MyEbookMaster software you will be able to do or use

(a). eBook Compilation

For eBook creation you will not need to learn html (Hypertext Markup Language, the programming language used for creating web pages), and you can use the software to add sounds, videos and pictures to your ebooks. Using sounds, videos and pictures with your ebooks will increase their values and also help you to create professional looking ebooks.

(b). eBook Delivery

MyEbookMaster will instantly deliver your ebooks automatically and give instant access too to your customers as soon as they pay for your product.

(c). eBook Marketing And Ecommerce Service

You may choose to sell your ebooks through the MyEbookMaster website or you can link to your ebooks order page from your site or blog. And you do not need to worry about receiving payments; MyEbookMaster will take care of that for you.

(d). eBook Security

To avoid losing money on any of your products, you will need to use eBook security with your ebooks to prevent illegal duplications. MyEbookMaster monitors how your eBook is being used, and if the software detects any suspicious activities or logins on any one of your ebooks, it will lock the eBook and send a new key to the legitimate buyer, thereby preventing illegal usage.

(e). Affiliate Program

An affiliate program will help you to make more sales. When more people sell for you, your income and profits increases, ebooks especially work very well with affiliate programs because you do not need to create more copies of your product (incurring more expense/costs), for others to sell for you. A lot of people may find it difficult to set up affiliate programs with their products because of the technical skill involved, the cost of outsourcing it to others and/or the cost of paying for it as a service with a provider. With MyEbookMaster your affiliate program comes pre-packaged with your eBook creation service, you will not need to pay more, to set up affiliate programs for your ebooks.

If you are on a shoe-string budget or for whatever reason only want to sell your eBook with a blog or you only have an opt-in list and not a website, MyEbookMaster is ideal for you. You will pay low monthly fees and will be paying for several services as one packaged deal.

You can create profitable online businesses for yourself through ebooks, and MyEbookMaster can be your tool of trade for accomplishing this.


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