Earn Money Today With Social Networking: No It Is Not A Waste of Time


Are you not sick of social networking sites? I can be at times. My sister drove me nuts when she would spend hours just talking to friends on Facebook. I admit it’s a great tool to stay in touch and Zuckerburg is going to rule the world some day figuratively. But get off it already. Plus all the spun off sites that I can’t count that want a piece of the pie. Stupid right? Or is it? Can these thorns in our sides become the best sources of income we ever had?

They’re all out there. Facebook, twitter, stumble upon, linked in, Reddit, MySpace are just to name a few. We even have programs like Onlywire that link all these services together for crying out loud. Forty-two to be exact and I’m not even sure that is all of them.

As most of us in the online world know Mark Zuckerburg has become one of the most successful people online with Facebook. I haven’t seen the movie on him yet or even remember what the name of it was. I do know however that it shows how he started something and it took off like wild fire. I have my own reasons to thank him such as letting me catch up with people I haven’t seen since kinder garden or be able to go to my friends wedding after not seeing him in 15 years. I can stay in touch with family and friends overseas and it helps me to network for employment opportunities.

Here is something though. I remember MySpace being the next best thing when I graduated high school in 2005. It was huge. I enjoyed playing with the videos and layout designs. Then Facebook came in and took over. From that time until today MySpace has got may I say slaughtered by Facebook. Facebook kept evolving and then allowed you to post pay per click ads that had demographic tools that let you hit the head right on the nail. This was of course after he opened it to the business sector instead of just college students. When I joined it had 150 million users I think. Today it has 500 million.

Then of course we see the spin off of sites like YouTube, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. Annoying right? The crab effect at its finest. However this new era has just taken over the marketing world. So much to an extent that I believe some may be too over saturated.

Twitter for example drives me nuts. I have 2000 contacts and we’re all pitching to each other with only a few seconds to see if we’re interested. Personally I think it’s too over saturated. However I heard it’s great for boosting other content in the search engines. So there is a positive there.

As for YouTube in particular I go crazy when I have to compete with some video for a spot on the first page of Google for my site or keyword. However it is legit and the only way to counter it is to do so yourself.

This rambling may not make since but it is to show you how fast these social networking sites are growing, that you can use them to boost the ranking of your blog,article,or website, and if used correctly they are great tools because you can still communicate with people.

These relationships work wonders when making an affiliate sale or getting a sign up. I join groups all the time in Facebook and MySpace to just pick people’s brains about stuff I’ve been working on. Some of us form great relationships and hence drive traffic based on the quality of them.

So these social networking sites may be annoying but you can use them to succeed in your online business. Use them and stay on top of your competition.

I hope this rambling has been effective in tone and helpful. If I’m wrong I apologize. It’s my opinion. I hope I have been of help to some who want a real users perspective. Please leave any suggestions, questions, or comments on my blog if you have some. I answer them each day. Thanks again for your time and my best of wishes to you in your marketing endeavors and blessings to come.


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