EFT Practitioner Advice – Clients Attending On Time


The question is often asked by new EFT Practitioners about how to keep to time boundaries. Some get into challenges with lateness or no-shows.

This is how I deal with it and why. Have a look and tailor your own rules accordingly.

I personally do not mind late clients but do mind early clients, as my time is very valuable. If I cannot go over for a client, it simply gets taken off their session. However, I am very flexible and will happily tolerate a 5-15 minute lateness. I myself can be 5 minutes late for a session and so happily reciprocate this patience.

Early clients, say if they are half an hour or more early, are OK on Skype, as I simply do not start till the right time. However, in person, as I do not have a reception area with receptionist, that is a real problem. I cannot exactly throw out the client before them. Sometimes I can provide a chair outside my office but really I have pushed it as far as I could with my amazing landlord and do not wish to take advantage of more of the space in the foyer outside my office than I already am using.

As for clients that do not turn up, well most are pre-paid and already know that I may deduct for the session from their package if they do not turn up. Then again, I like being flexible. I usually forgive one no-show. After all, everyone makes genuine mistakes. But there are exceptions. Say I was doing a rare special promotional offer of about 70% off for a trial session. If the person does not turn up and wants it re-instated, it depends on how they approach me. If I am approached with disrespect and disregard for my time, they definitely forfeit the session. Otherwise with no-shows, I text or email them to say I would not charge on that occasion but the next time they will be charged. If it is their first session, they are unlikely to not turn up. If that happens, that is too bad. I cannot chase them in court. I just have to let it go. However, if they do a no-show and then expect me to see them again, I agree quite happily, subject to a non-refundable payment for the next session for obvious reasons. If they are really serious about seeing me, they will happily pay it. Some very good clients have forgotten, forfeited, and naturally were happy to be charged. After all, they should not be put in the position where they are forever indebted to me. It is not a problem if approached the right way.

For legal and plain decency reasons, you need to make it clear in all your communications what you do and do not accept and how you deal with it.

And most of all, enjoy setting your own boundaries doing your job the way you like.


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