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A lot of people started to look for a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction since the release of the book and movie “The Secret”. Enoch Tan is one of the many Law of Attraction experts. Because of its promise of wealth, abundance, and success, people started to reveal the secrets of the Law of Attraction and learned how to manifest it. Understanding the Law of Attraction is so powerful that many are tempted to learn such knowledge. Despite much information about the law, many people still fail to understand and use it properly simply because the knowledge they bear is insufficient. He decided to share his knowledge and understanding of the law due to insufficient information provided by many.

Enoch Tan, being a mind and reality scientist, studies how reality and the power of consciousness work. He was amazed how the power of the mind works and found himself reading several psychology books as a student. He realized that there are different subjects that deal with understanding the mind and had its own perspective about it. Enoch Tan decided to integrate all the knowledge and information he had from the books he read and created an integrated perspective of understanding the mind.

Enoch Tan created the book “Reality Creation Secrets” as a way of sharing his own knowledge and understanding about mind and reality science. Its purpose is to uplift the thinking of people about mind and reality, which governs every area of life, destiny, and the universe. In simpler terms, Reality Creation Secrets aims to revolutionize the levels of living and experiencing life.

Inside Reality Creation Secrets, you will find out deepest secrets of the consciousness and the universe. Reading the book will forever change your perspective about life as it answers life’s biggest questions. He believes that perception creates reality. Many people are not able to live the life they dreamed of or not able to experience abundance because of the limiting factors and beliefs that one carries throughout his/her entire life. To be able to create the reality you want, you have to expand your perception about life and reality as well.

All the secrets and principles Enoch Tan used to create the life he desired can be found inside Reality Creation Secrets. His programs and writings have helped a lot of people change their lives and experience great success. People he has helped left testimonials on his website which proves his credibility in the field of Law of Attraction. Also, Enoch Tan will gladly refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked if you feel that you are not able to experience results promised in the program. This is how confident he is that his programs will work to anyone.

In the end, what matters most is your own actions. The key to your success is by action. You may have the vision of success, but what is vision without action? Always remember that a vision without action is just a dream. Enoch Tan’s program can be enjoyed fully depending on the effort you give to fulfill your dreams.


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