Eva Wong – A Channel For Chinese Lineage Teachings


She was raised in Hong Kong. Since the age of 7, she has studied Tibetan Buddhism; she later became a highly developed practitioner. Her granduncle taught her feng shui when she was a teenager. For countless centuries, the Chinese have applied feng-shui when designing cities, building homes, and burying the dead. When Eva was a teenager, feng shui was hardly known outside of Asian countries. Today, it’s widespread throughout the world.

Eva is a genuine practitioner of what she teaches, as she represents the nation where it all originated thousands of years ago. She shares the traditions of her ancestors with the rest of the world in her books, on her web site, working with people at the Shambala center, as well as lecturing worldwide.

Eva Wong holds the wisdom of the Mysterious Subtleties (Hsuan-k’ung; traditional Feng Shui School); she is a practitioner of the Three Periods (San-yuan) and Three Combinations (San-ho). She belongs to an unbroken string of lineage carriers, starting with the founders to the present day.

She wrote over 10 books and translated over 15 books on Taoism, Feng Shui, and related topics. Eva shares her notion of the Chinese, who have designed their sanctuaries and homes in harmony with the Qi – the energy of the earth. She helps us understand Qi and its interdependency between architecture and geography. Her books were translated into a number of languages, including German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Italian.

Shambhala Mountain Center is the place where Eva presents the doctrine of nature and its energy. She explains how this doctrine guided the building of Chinese pagodas, Tibetan stupas, Japanese shrines, and even the Indian temples. She explains how to use feng shui in residential and commercial structures, to achieve the beneficial flow of Qi.

Wong is also a renowned qigong instructor. Simply put, qigong is an exercise that combines movement, breathing and cultivating Qi energy for health and longevity. This system was developed by Taoist sages. Qigong helps to restore Qi, and remove any blockages. This system is often referred to as a panacea for ailments: it helps to reduce stress, regulate blood pressure, strengthen immunity, etc. Qigong requires proper tutoring to be effective and safe. Eva Wong is a Taoist scholar/practitioner, who teaches people to transform their mind and body using qigong the right way. Wong lectures, instructs, and teaches through Shambhala’s worldwide group of retreat centers.

Eva Wong has helped many people improve the quality of their lives, including eliminating persistent ailments like significant back issues, chronic pain, and others. Some people were so amazed by the results of her training that they have also started to study.

She is the director of learning at a Taoist Temple – Fung Loy Kok. She has taught courses on Buddhist and Taoist beliefs at Denver University.

Like most true masters, Eva has adopted the non-ego tradition that “leaves no trace”, which means that there are little to no direct quotes from her to be found. She perceives herself as a guide and a channel for the lineage teachings to pass onto new generations in the East and West. Eva Wong strives for acceptance among religions, to end religiously motivated violence.


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