Evolution, Creation and the Scientific Evidence


The debate results between evolution and creation seems to be obvious at first glance. The discoveries over the last few decades, however, have complicated the argument.

Since most scientists seem to push the theory of evolution (the media and schools do as well), the theory of evolution seems to be the victor. But for those that have ‘dug further’ into the subject than the information and illustrations that we read in our textbooks, the results are quite stunning.

Virtually all of the illustration and ‘facts’ shown in textbooks today supporting Darwin’s theory have been invalidated decades ago. Whether it is the human evolution chart, the fossil evidence or scientific laws, evidence seems to be turning against the theory of evolution.

As a matter of fact, most of these illustrations of evolution have been discovered to be hoaxes, enormous mistakes or simply junk science. Hundreds of scientists that have called themselves evolutionists in the past (sometimes secretly) have brought flaws of the theory to light.

Many of these scientists have actually come out and proclaimed the theory to be scientifically impossible. That does not mean that these scientists have all turned to Creationism or Intelligent Design, but they are exposing the serious flaws with the theory.

Most of us, however, have never heard of these scientific flaws with the theory. They were never exposed to the public.

Most people are unaware that almost every ‘fact’ and chart in our schools’ textbooks that ‘verify’ Darwin’s theory of evolution has been invalidated literally decades ago (I can’t think of one that is considered scientific today).

Whether it is faulty reasoning, contradiction with scientific laws or denial of scientific principles, the theory has run into serious problems with science over the last number of years.

Why have we been kept in the dark concerning these problems? Because most of us have learned from the same kinds of textbooks and teachers. And the sources of learning for these teachers and textbook writers were very similar to those of today.

The amount of information is enormous that illustrates the scientific flaws of evolution. But 3 problems arise:

1. A large number of these books have too much ‘scientific jargon’ for the average person.

2. Many of the books combine theology and science (often with a mixture of creationism and evolution) ideas competing against each other. Most of us want just the scientific facts.

3. Most people have no idea where to look to find the information.

The scientific evidence against the theory of evolution is staggering. Only those who are willing to dig a little beneath the surface will discover the abundant scientific problems with the theory.


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