Expert Advice – How to Build Free Traffic With Forums


Today I am going to give you tried and tested expert advice on how to build free traffic with forums and show you how easy it is to generate a constant flow of quality traffic to your website for only 30 minutes every day. All internet marketers need traffic, but sometimes we don’t realize how easy it is to do marketing to our pages for free.

We don’t need expensive PPC campaigns anymore. Google is making it really hard for us to get and to uphold a good quailty profitable campaign these days with all their changes to adwords. The clever marketer will never need to boost his traffic with PPC campaigns. That is if you know how to get free traffic and how to use it effectively.

Why forum marketing for free website traffic? Firstly, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on forums to make this work. You can use as little as 30 minutes every day. Secondly, the traffic is highly targeted and converts well, if you do it right. Thirdly, it is a good source of backlinks for your website, and we all know getting backlinks are one of the biggest factors that Google are using determining the rankings in search engines.

Right, so how do we go about this and build free traffic with forums?

Here are a few quick steps:

1. Search on Google for forums in your niche. Look at their PR and Alexa ranking to see how good they are. Now choose few of the best ones and subscribe to them. If you are in the internet marketing niche, you will find that Warriors Forum and Digital point forum are a few of the best ones.

2. Now start making helpful comments. (don’t create new posts yet) Do this for a few days and build up a good reputation. If you don’t know that much, face it till you make it.

3. ) After a week or so, go to your control panel for every forum and change your signature. Your signature should be short, eye catching and will want to make people click on it. Put a link in that directs to your page. (opt in page or landing page)

4.) Now that you have a great forum signature, start creating your own posts and keep on giving helpful comments to other posts. Take at least 30 minutes everyday, quickly logging into your favourite forums and creating a few posts and commenting on a few ones. Try and focus on posts that have something to do with your product or your free give aways in your forum signature. This will make sure that more people click on your signature link.

5.) Keep doing this every day, and feel free to experiment with different forum signatures and even different forums. Slowly you build quality backlinks and you will see how the short term traffic also keeps getting in every day. If you can create good articles and posts on the forums, they could rank well on Google too, so keep at it.

Well, now you know how to build free traffic with forums marketing. The hits you generate will keep flowing in as long as you keep it up and you will find that they convert quite well. I easily get 10+ opt ins every day doing this exact same thing.


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