Fast Social Bookmarking – 3 Reliable Methods to Increase Your Social Bookmarking Popularity


Participating in a social bookmarking site is probably one of the best methods to increase traffic to your site. Traffic coming from these sites is highly targeted, meaning only those who are really interested in your products and services will click your link, bookmark and tag your site, and share it with their network and friends. Social bookmarking sites can be considered as one stop links shop. It is where you can store, display and share your links and favorite bookmarks. You can find numerous links posted by other people which you can get and use whenever you like. Other users can also get and use your links or add it to their collections. Here are 3 reliable methods to increase traffic and attain fast social bookmarking popularity:

1. Always produce articles broken down into numbered list. You can write about Tips, Methods, and Advices on any topic as long as it is formatted into a numbered list. Social bookmarking site users are very fond of these types of articles and it will surely get bookmarked and saved by other people.

2. Create a very catchy title for your content and put it in the description box. There’s no harm in putting a little hype in your title for this will surely get the attention of readers. However, make sure that your title really incorporates the main idea of your content.

3. Be sure to produce content that will motivate your visitors. Contents about success and achievements are highly bookmarked in these sites. Write about your experiences in these areas and you can get an avalanche of highly sympathetic visitors.

Social bookmarking is a very recent internet practice and its popularity among web users is increasing impressively. You can use it to direct targeted traffic to your site. And the more traffic you generate can only mean increased sales and income.


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