Free E-book For Traffic


If you run an internet business, traffic is something crucial to push your

sales. Anyway, do you believe that creating your own e-book is an

excellent way to generate traffic to your site at no cost at all? Give

your ebook to your visitors for free and see what happen!

E-books or we often call it as info products are the hottest items on the

internet right now. Your e-book may contain links back to your site so

when someone downloads your e-book, you are creating instant traffic

for your product or service. The problem is you have to write something

interesting to have your ebook downloaded, and increase your traffic

in turns.

But how? Just relax, I got some tips for you:

1. Choose something you like to write about. But don’t just stop there.

You also have to write something needed by many people as well.

2. You may write something that have a close relation to your product

or service. If you sell guitars, for instance, you may write about how to

play guitar or how to find out the best long lasting guitar. Go to any of

the popular search engines and type in the subject of your e-book.

Pick out some of the more popular websites and contact the website

owners. Ask the website owner for permission to use their website

and/or links in your e-book. This is a win-win situation. You get the

information you need and it’s free publicity for the website owner.

3. Put all of your html files/pages for your e-book in one folder

(ebook compiler usually converts html into ebook format). If you

don’t know how to write html, you can use a WYSIWYG software

to create your html pages. It’s a kind of creating web pages.

4. Now it is time to put everything in e-book format. Fortunately

there are some free ebook compiler software to help you out there.

These are some free software you can try:


6. Start giving your e-book away. Add a link for your e-book on

your homepage and in your own newsletter. Write email to whom you

know well and to those who know you. Don’t SPAM! or you’ll be

blacklisted. Offer it as a free gift to ezine publishers. The ezine publisher

benefits by offering great content to their readers and you get extra


So, what are you waiting for?


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