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If starting an online business is difficult, it is infinitely more difficult to maintain it and make it succeed. Many online businesses go belly up not because of the lack of resources or business sense by the owner but because of the little but important things that were overlooked.

Many would tell you that the key to a successful online marketing campaign is to bring traffic to your site, and the best way to do achieve this is to purchase traffic or pay affiliates to bring it for you. Partly, this is correct; however, there is also free site traffic that a lot of online entrepreneurs often dismiss of brush off as an idea not worth exploring.

On the contrary, free site traffic is not only a cheap way to direct traffic to your site but also a good way to get targeted prospective buyers for your products and services. The how of this particular strategy is even simpler that you will wonder why you have not thought of it a long time ago?

One of the simplest ways of getting free site traffic is utilizing online social network groups. Pick out the popular ones that represent a good cross section of the online community and make an account, and keep it active on the sites. You can also join different groups within those social networks to further you site’s visibility.

Another way you can use is Article Marketing. This is very effective in obtaining free site traffic through publishing useful web content in free article sites. You can write the content or hire a free lance writer to do it for you. This will not only bring free site traffic but also target your potential buyers directly.


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