Fun Couple Activities – Create A Lovers Ice Cream Creation At Cold Rock


When the weather is hot and humid, enjoying an ice cream any time of the day is always refreshing and cools your body down. What better way to enjoy this sweet dessert than with a loved one to make the experience a whole lot sweeter. Being in a couple brings the joy of sharing ice cream together and feeding each other. However, problems often arise when two people disagree on which flavours to choose from. One person may prefer creamy flavours while the other may be more inclined to select fruity flavours. This does not mean the end of your ideal of intimately sharing a cup of ice cream together. Cold Rock allows you to create a wide variety of ice cream and filling combinations so that both of you can be satisfied. The combination of both your choices will be your very own unique lovers ice cream creation.

Firstly, each of you makes a selection of favourite flavour and filling without letting the other know. Choose something that you like without worrying what the other person may select. Instead of always accommodating each other, you can get a better understanding of your partner’s preferences. This is a way of learning more about each other and communicating your likes and dislikes.

Make your order and watch the staff blend your creation. They two ice cream flavours will be mixed and blended with the chosen toppings on a cold slab of concrete. The final product is your very own lovers dessert creation.

Be creative and do not be afraid to mix flavours that sound like they will clash. Often, the most unexpected combinations taste good together. I once tried Mint Chocolate with Mango Sorbet and the outcome was actually quite pleasant. Do not be discouraged if your first lovers creation turns out to be an unusual mix. It is something unique to your relationship and what makes the two of you so special as a couple. You can always try a different combination on a different visit because your tastes and likings can always change.

Remember to keep it fun. It is through shared activities such as creating ice cream combinations that build lasting memories and help you to keep your relationship fresh and interesting. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create romance. Simple things like sharing an ice cream together can be a very romantic activity when it is done with someone you love. Take pictures and record your selections whenever you visit so that you can laugh over the funny combinations and remember the delicious concoctions to be re-ordered in the future.


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