Goal Setting Games – The Building Blocks for Creation


In this article about goal setting games I would like to share a powerful technique with you. A technique that can and will bring change in your life.

It has been practiced throughout the ages by a select number of people who knew how to use it but kept it a secret in order to keep the wealth they created for themselves.

Think of highly successful industrial who created incredible wealth. But these kind of goal setting games were also used and taught by enlightened masters from India. In many religious scriptures you can find references to this powerful tool of creation too. (including the Bible, the Upanishads and the words of Buddha)

Now it is a different time though and these techniques are available to everyone who is interested and willing to try. I foresee a very different and much more pleasant world in the near future when all of us know how to create and shape their ideal life.

The technique will be used not only for personal gain, but more and more for the benefit of all human kind. It will bring us closer to creating the world we all claim we want to live in.

The goal setting games I speak about are easy and involve your creativity and your ability to fool your own mind… Sounds exiting doesn’t it?

As easy as 1, 2, 3! This goal setting lesson plan is quite simple and it involves 3 steps:

  1. Think, dream and imagine
  2. Speak
  3. Act as if

Let’s start with explaining step #1. Think, dream and imagine.

In order to get what you want, you must form a crystal clear image of your object, health, lifestyle, partner etc. of desire. Did you notice I mentioned other things than just material things too?

Now ask life (or if you want to call it God, Brahma, the universe, that’s okay too) what it is you want to have/create.

Now get a big sheet of paper (A3) and to the best of your ability drawwhat you want to have. Like I said, this can be your new Aston Martin sports car but also better health, a more relaxed lifestyle or a more pleasant atmosphere around you that best represents you. You can use pictures from magazines too that depict how you want things to be.

After a relaxed afternoon of thinking of what you really want in life and drawing that, cutting out nice magazine pictures and taping them on your dream board, (that’s what we are making) you are done with a very important first step. Of course put your dream board somewhere you see it regularly.

Let’s continue with step #2. Speak.

Have you ever had that when you are thinking of someone you haven’t thought of for a long time, that person calls you, or you meet him/her the next day? I think that is a wonderful thing! It proves to me that your thoughts do not only reside in your head… but they travel great distances.

Your thoughts are energy and energy travels. Imagine what happens if you transform this energy into sound… Speaking! We don’t think of this on a daily basis but speaking is a form of creation too.

You transform the energy of thought into the energy of sound.This is what step #2 involves: Speak about what you desire. First out loud to yourself then to your loved ones, then to everyone who wants to hear it.

Step #3 Act as if is the most difficult one.

It requires you to fool your own mind. For instance if it is your desire to be rich then act as if you ARE rich. A fun exercise is to go shopping and whenever you see something very expensive you’d like to have, just think: I can afford this, I am just not buying it now. It helps you feel rich already now doesn’t it?

Many people out there are trapped in poverty because they keep on sending the wrong signals into the universe, the technique works the other way around too you know. People keep saying: “I can never afford this, I am poor, this is just the way it is.” And that is exactly what they are getting: poverty! They don’t realize they are keeping themselves in the chicken coop.

Could it be that the real reason people don’t have what they want is that they are creating their life unconsciously by default instead of consciously by design? Most of the time you are blocking the deliberate creation process because your conscious messages and your unconscious messages are in conflict.

Dr. Robert Anthony has written a very helpful book on this subject called: The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

This is a very complete book that teaches you to align your conscience mind and your sub-conscience to set things in motion and put the universe to work for you. Check it out by clicking on the link to my site. You’ll be interested to know this book is now on offer with a 60% discount for a limited time.

So, fool your mind and proclaim to yourself, others and the universe:

  • I AM Rich and act accordingly.
  • I AM Healthy and act accordingly.
  • I AM Free and act accordingly.
  • I AM Happy and act accordingly.
  • I AM whatever you want in life… and act accordingly.

The words “I AM” are very powerful. Use them wisely!

Now you know a thing or two about goal setting games and how to apply them for your own- and the world’s benefits. This technique is not new, as a matter a fact it is ancient! I just told you how I use it and how you can too. For more information on this subject I recommend Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book, The Secret.

For more great information on goal setting and much more, visit my site by clicking the link below.


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