How Does Affiliate Advertising Revenue Work?


Affiliate Marketing has progressed very nicely over the past few years. There are more opportunities to make money than there were in the past.

However, affiliate advertising revenue is a basic concept that still applies today. Let’s take a look at how this income is developed.

When you join an Affiliate Marketing company, you get paid to promote various programs or products. You are doing a specific action for that affiliate merchant. There are three primary ways you can develop revenue promoting affiliate advertising opportunities.

1. The first is a pay per click business model. Google AdSense is the most popular version of this.

You join their affiliate program for free and get paid when website visitors click on ads that Google provides for you. This could range from a few pennies per click to several dollars per click.

To make more money, you simply have more web pages with ads on them, drive traffic to those pages, and play the numbers game.

2. Cost per action is another form of affiliate revenue. You get paid when your website visitor performs specific actions such as downloading software or completing a short lead form.

This is an easy way to make money because your website visitor does not have to purchase anything.

3. Sell products for the merchant. This could be physical products or digital information products. The more product you sell the more money you make.

Some affiliate merchants also have back end programs or products that allow you to earn residual income. This is a good way to develop affiliate advertising revenue on an ongoing basis.


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