How to Block Spam Messages the Easy Way


Spam emails in your electronic mail boxes can really irritate you. Just imagine that you receive these messages that do no contain valuable information except materials for marketing, promotion or even messages that can harm your computer. Such messages can even pose a threat to your personal security and information. Truth be told, there is a majority of individuals have parted with their email accounts and other important information due to spam. Are you seeking the numerous ways by which you can hinder spamming? If yes, then is the right place for you. Continue reading on and stop spamming now!

1. Display wisdom when using email addresses. Why is such a step necessary? It is because most times when you open email messages in an inbox, you might not even know who the sender is. Do not open messages that are spam. If a spam messages is open accidentally, make sure that you do not click on the links contained therein. This is because there is no way of knowing what might happen next. There is a need to really ascertain whether there are spam emails or not. The links in the email might harbor viruses which can potentially harm the computer. It might also include phishing sites that steal your information and passwords. This is a gross pedigree of identity theft. Be cautious. Do not send replies to spam mails most especially if the sender of that email cannot be identified.

2. Ensure that you don’t just open new account on any website you come across while surfing online. This can be achieved by creating an account that can be disposed easily. If there is a need to really register on the numerous websites that are online, make sure you use email addresses that can be gotten ridden off. This will ensure that you original and real email address is not handed over to spammers and phishing cons. At times, you might really want to create a registration on the internet. This might be for the purpose of making a purchase on the internet or for the sake of a website that offers social networking. Even if you do that, ensure that your emails are kept confidential. They should not be given to just anybody.

3. Use filters that can detect spam mails. Irrespective of the fact that providers of email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo come with unique spam filters, you still need to activate them. Following this step will ensure that your email addresses will instantly detect what is contained in the email before you open it. Hence, it can determine if the email is spam or otherwise. For advanced protection, it is better to purchase a third-party filter for spam emails.

A very good benefit of using filters is that you can get them without paying a dime. This can be gotten by researching on the internet – where you can find programs that are amazing. These programs will offer you the protection you and your PC needs.


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