How to Build Your Own Knock-Out ClickBank Auto-Responder Emails


If writing powerful sales copy is not your strength then the idea of generating powerful sales copy is a job that is dreaded. Unfortunately it is one of those jobs that cannot be avoided if you want to take advantage of your email list and use the auto-responder facility.

It is commonly recognised that most sales hardly ever come from the first visit to the product sales letter. The prime goal of the landing page is to save the email address of anyone who has shown some interest in what you are offering. The aim of the auto-responder emails to contact the visitor, generate interest and extract the order.

So what should be in the content of these emails? You could just write about what you had for dinner, or some other factual topic of interest. This type of content can be important when developing a relationship with your potential customers, but unfortunately they don’t convince the reader to order anything.

No, there is no getting away from it, you need to be able to write hypnotic messages that are worth their weight in gold. This is easy to say but really difficult to do well. You could, of course, outsource this task. Alternatively, you could take the money that the outsourcing costs and put it in the bank instead! Good sales copy is very expensive!

What is the secret of writing killer emails for your auto-responder, yourself?

Well there is a fool proof three email approach that works in almost every case. The technique is simple and the skill lies in thoroughly knowing your product. It is important to understand the overall pattern that the auto-responder emails must conform to.

Email 1. This first email is designed to build up rapport and trust . This is a soft sell email, one which identifies very clearly what the product features and benefits are. It will set the foundation and puts the product in context and tells why the reader will not be able to live without the product.

Email 2. The second email is critical. There is an assumption that the reader already knows what the product is all about, having previously received the first email so this email is about removing any barriers to a sale. The simplest way to achieve this is in the form of a question and answer session. You ask the question on behalf of the reader and then provide an answer that removes any doubts.

Email 3. This is obviously the killer email that gets the sale. From the previous two emails you have built up a rapport , built an understanding of the product and removed any barriers to purchase. So now it is time to get the order. The proven approach is to produce a list of killer bullet points derived from the product and then to provide a click-through to the product purchase.

In order to conduct an effective auto-responder campaign it is essential to thoroughly know your product. Before you start any of the emails, use bullet points to draw attention to the main features. Examine the product carefully and identify what it does, then identify how this will help the purchaser. The secret is always to sell the benefits rather than the product. It is important to place yourself in the position of the purchaser who has got to be able to see what benefits the product will bring to their lives.

The bigger the benefits, the greater the likelihood of a sale.

The ability to construct emails for your auto-responder is a good skill to learn as it will dramatically impact on your bottom line. Writing good copy is basically about attention to detail and practise and as long as you follow the basic principles you will be able to write successful and effective copy.

If you feel that you could do with a helping hand, then there are packages available of pre-written emails aimed at specific Clickbank products. These sets of emails are hand crafted by professionals and their cost is reduced by being shared amongst a number of users. Because of their value these packages are restricted in availability in order to protect their effectiveness in the product market place. If you can lay your hands on any of these packages of ready made emails then all that you have to do is add them to your auto-responder and wait for the orders to roll in.


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