How to Get More Free Targeted Traffic Through the Power of Links


What’s working right now and beyond to get more search engine traffic? One of the most important secrets to getting more traffic to our sites is having powerful links. Search engines will always respect sites that have better links on or off site.

If you want more free targeted traffic from search engines you have two choices:

(1) Do something about it (earn your own success)

(2) Let it happen (do nothing and wait)

If you do the right things in SEO you will get ranked on page one in the search engines. You have to earn your place by doing things that work! If you want to get traffic to your website you have to target the right keywords Target the best mid tier keywords associated to your niche.

Every website and every webpage needs keyword targets. If you do not know what your target keywords are you have less of a chance of getting top rankings. When you create keyword targets for your website you have to create primary, secondary and variations. Primary would be main site keywords, secondary keywords are related keywords that are actually on the page. Variation keywords are keywords that have a long tail, for example “click here now” would be a variation keyword.

The key concepts to getting free targeted traffic to your website are:

(1) You need to target the right keywords so that you have good words on your page.

(2) You need to have good links with your target keyword in the link text pointing at your pages.

Do what the search engines like, do things naturally and slowly. The most powerful ranking factor for a web page is having good quality links coming in from within the content of web pages that have related words surrounding the link from a page on a website that is indexed and trusted. One of the best methods to build good in-content links is by building blogs and links to other blogs.

– You need to connect to the social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This will give you variety and link diversity is important.

– Backlink your social links. This will make sure they get linked.

– Keep adding new articles with good content to keep your sites fresh.

– Post your best content as pages (if WordPress).

– Announce every new page with a post (links).

– Use social media to announce pages and posts.

– Add new, unique and original content at least every couple of months.


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