How To Publish E-Books That Generate Real Profits


The world of e-book publishing is rich with new authors. While publishing your own digital book is certainly a great way to generate extra cash, this does not mean that all titles are guaranteed to generate both interest and profits. The sad fact is that most won’t. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to increase the likelihood of success in these endeavors.

Make Sure You Have Good Cover Art

Surprisingly, most readers make a habit of judging books by their covers. This makes your title and your cover art incredibly important. Although your book is available in the of physical copies, this art will be visible along with the title, your information, a summary of the story and one or two editorial or review comments.

You might be tempted to design this on your own by putting pen to page or using your own graphic design skills. If you have spent time as a professional graphic artist, this might not be such a bad idea. If the extent of your experience lies in drawing doodles on paper napkins in restaurants, however, you definitely want to outsource this task or at least try another method. You want your cover art to look professional and to clearly convey the emotions of your story. If you manage to accomplish both of these things, this image or collection of images will lure in the readers who are most likely to enjoy, a positive review your work.

Create A Captivating Summary

Every good story has a strong plot and a great back-story. It also has a stunning cast of colorful characters that readers can hate, fall in love with, empathize with and bond with. Don’t use your jacket summary to talk about each and every one of these things. Instead, determine what the main point of the tale is and see how you can sum this up without giving away too many details or over-complicating things. Keep it clear, concise and yet, full of strong imagery. Avoid using this as a place to show off your graceful prose. Don’t use words you don’t need and edit your jacket summary relentlessly before handing it in.

Invest In A Professional Editor

There are a few things that set truly memorable e-books apart from the ones that flounder or generate absolute no attention at all. These are:

– Strong stories and characters

– An ability to deliver

– Great cover art

– Diligent editing

Do not think that you can possibly catch all of your grammar errors on your own or that single-handedly capable of perfecting the world flow. Always give your work a second set of eyes. If you can afford to, think about hiring a professional editor. If you cannot, see if your family members and friends will give you a critique. Willingly accept the advice that you’re given and avoid rushing into publishing before the product is truly polished.

Add Visuals

Learn how to take good pictures, align yourself with a popular illustrator, improve your graphic design skills or enroll in photography courses. Be mindful of the fact that people are incredibly visually-oriented. Adding photos or other images on your jacket cover or throughout the pages will definitely make your finished product stand out.


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