How To Sell a Product Part II


Who is this successful online and offline company?

Wal-Mart. How did Sam Walton make a fortune by opening up franchised retail stores during the depression when there was more competition than fish in the sea? Because he had something to offer. He invented self service, late opening, staff profit sharing, cheap prices so that he sold more and therefore made more, clean shops and bright lighting.

What story does that tell you? You don’t have to do all that to sell a product, but you must offer something different. Just as Sam Walton offered his customers a better shopping experience, you must do the same for yours. Let’s have a look at how to go about this.

Advertising brings your product to the public’s attention, but does not sell it. What your advert does is send the prospect to your sales page: your customer has entered Sam’s shop. What would Sam do then, and what do you do? Sam would make it look good. Have some offers, and provide his products at a reduced price.

The more you give them for their money, the more likely they are to buy. Let us assume that your product is good, and does what it says it does. How does the customer know that? Testimonials would be help. Offer some friends a copy of your product and ask them for reviews. Publish the best and the customer then gets the idea that your product can work.

What would Sam do now?

Read Part III to find out.


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