How to Sell More Ebooks


In this article I will explain a very important concept that every seller who wants to increase his sales must know which is called subconscious mind programming.

Our minds get programmed by repetition and that’s why large firms like Coca-Cola keep bombarding us with advertisements, commercials, banners and other advertising methods everyday. The more we see the Coca-Cola sign the more we become familiar with it and the more we trust it. The more familiar we become with something the less fear we have for it and the higher the of trying it becomes.

If I offered you a strange black drink and told you that it’s extracted from the African Red turtle’s head? (don’t really know if such a turtle exists) will you drink it? You might or might not but you will never do it fast, you will have to feel safe about drinking it first before you can try it and you will surely hesitate before taking the decision.

Consumers need to feel safe buying your product

We all fear the unknown and that’s why online customers will never buy your product if its unknown for them or if they are not familiar with it. So repetition and continues advertising generates familiarity with the product, familiarity reduces fear of the unknown and uncertainties, and the result of all is increased sales.

But from where can you bring a big amount of money to create large advertising campaigns that programs consumer’s minds? After all doing this would require millions, right? Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything, below are some free methods you can use to program consumer’s minds with your products and services for free:

How to program consumer’s minds for free

* Mention your product in every article you write, remember it’s the repetition that results in mind programming

* Keep sending newsletters every now and then to registered users

* Provide a clear link to your product, preferably with an image in every page

* Provide articles that are divided into many different parts and mention the product in every part so that the same person going through all parts sees the product’s advertisement many times

* keep reminding visitors with your offers through new banners and images


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