How to Use Squidoo to Promote Your Website


The first thing you need to consider before building your Squidoo lens is how you are going to drive traffic to it once its built. There have been many Squidoo lens which have attained top Google rankings by following a few simple rules, and you will soon see how easy it is to use squidoo to promote your site.

One of the various effective ways to generate traffic to a Squidoo lens is through search engine optimisation. Getting a Squidoo lens to the top of a search term in Google is easier than most other cases.

Follow these 8 simple steps to get FREE traffic flowing to your site

Step 1 – Visit the more Popular Lenses

Firstly have a look at what the most popular lenses look like, can you offer something better or enhance 1 of the top lenses, what topics are hot, do they fall in the same category as your idea.

The next part is all ways over looked, but if you do it, your lense will rate very high – create a plan of what your Squidoo lens is going to be like. Who is it going to target? What kind of content will be on it? What will the theme be?

Step 2 – Get a keyword rich name

The next thing you’ll want to consider is the name of your Squidoo lens. Include the keyword/s you are targeting for a number one spot (or at the very least a spot on the first page) in your Squidoo lens name. This way, your Squidoo URL will contain the keyword/s you are targeting for a high Google ranking. This immediately gives you a ‘head start’ in the search engine battle to use squidoo to promote your website

Step 3 – Good content

Go back and have a look at all the articles that you have written, including blog posts and compile all relevant articles you have written or posts you have made on forums into a text file. This content can be used in your Squidoo lens and you don’t even need to type a single word of new content!

Step 4 – Multi-media & Graphics

Go back to your research again, have a look at the top lenses, are there graphics, what type, do they enhance or distract. Then collect the graphics and multimedia files which you are going to use on your Squidoo lens.

Step 5 – Publish your Lense

Have a look at your lens, is it ready to be published ? Get a friend to give an honest opinion, or use people in forums to give an honest viewpoint, then post your content on your Squidoo lens. Don’t post all your content at once as you want to save some of them for later!

Step 6 – Build your list

Add an opt-in form with your Squidoo lens. This way, not only will you be sending traffic to your web site, so not only are you learning to use squidoo to promote your site you can also build your subscriber list at the same time.

Step 7 – Market your lens

The next thing you’ll want to act on is creating links back to your site. These links are also called back-links. You’ll want to create links which contain an anchor text (your keyword/s) so that the search engine spiders instantly recognise them. The equation is simple: the more back-links you have, the higher your Squidoo lens will rank.

Step 8 – send free traffic

One of the best ways to use Squidoo to build traffic to your website or blog is by using the RSS feed module. You simply load the RSS feed from your website or blog and the Squidoo lens will update automatically as you update your website or blog.


Squidoo lenses often rank very high on Google, so it’s a great chance to build some backlinks to your website and hence increases your website exposure in the internet to make money online.

As you can tell, Squidoo is a great free and easy way not only to build traffic, promote your site and make money online. So get Squidooing!


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