iBoostbiz Review


A new business opportunity called iboostbiz is now in prelaunch, promoting online marketing tools and solutions for network marketers. During prelaunch individuals can sign up for free and lock in a position in the program relatively close to the top. The concept behind this system is a customizable marketing platform for network marketers to plug their business into; to start contacting leads and promoting their business online. In addition to promoting their primary business online network marketers and affiliates can promote and earn from the built-in business opportunity, as a second source of income.

The iBoostbiz system is similar to My Video Talk, in providing video talk emails as well as offering additional tools under the same roof. Members also receive auto responders, toll-free phone numbers with voice mail, video enhanced landing pages and a team conferencing system. The tools and system is promoted to be a, all in one online professional marketing and self branding platform, to take the struggling online network marketers to the next level.

The compensation plan is a 3×9 expandable matrix that produces potential spillover from the upline team. To be eligible to collect commissions distributors need to personally sponsor 3 recruits. Once qualified, iboostbiz members can earn from all volume under them in the plan whether they referred them or not. There are also, 3 level fast start bonus incentives, to promote growth. No contract is required to join and distributors can choose to cancel at any time. The cost of the system is expected to be between $1 and $2 a day, with the first 30 days being free for members.

This is a legitimate MLM opportunity with quality products that offer potential to generate residual income. The tools and service provided will benefit many in the industry, however the biggest challenge network marketing distributors face is generating a growing list of free leads. This system does not seem to provide a solution to this very critical requirement of effective online marketing. Successful network marketers online are able to create a steady flow of prospects using internet marketing skills.


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