IM4Newbies Review


IM4Newbies is a resource for beginners who want to learn about Internet marketing but don’t have a lot of technical skills and knowledge. This software was designed to fill in the missing pieces on how to set up your online business. It features over 120 coaching videos on different topics that will teach you all the basics, so you will experience success in no time. These videos include learning how to register your domain; how to set up email accounts; how to install easy content delivery; set up auto responders; build your own list and much more.

This comprehensive video database begins with the cPanel Basics. cPanel is now the best and easy to use control panel for web hosting accounts, but most newbies do not know how to use them. They have no clue where to start, and it can take them hours trying to figure out all the features. Users can start with how to navigate around cPanel, which will guide them through how to login to their cPanel account to how to create a Cron Job. Watching these videos will cut weeks off you trying to figure out what to do next to get things going online.

The video library also includes List Building. Having your own personal mailing list is a goldmine. Its money on demand anytime you want by sending a single email to all your subscribers. Understanding how to create your own list can take years and cost a lot of money, but after viewing the online video tutorials, one will have their own list in days. Finally, watch someone step by step show you exactly how your list should setup and run today.

IM4Newbies gives its potential users an opportunity to have a sneak preview of 10 videos from the cPanel Basics module for FREE! Without spending a dime, one can get a back stage pass of how the point and click videos work. This system is priced a lot cheaper than its competitors. While most software starting price is $19.95 and as high as $97, Aaron’s program is a mere $7 for the entire video collection. Now newbies do not have to break their bank just to learn how to develop their online business.

This software teaches its users all the basics of Internet marketing. However, newbies need someone they can call when they have questions. Although watching tutorial videos is powerful leverage, having someone experience to communicate with will help fill in the gaps.


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