Infopreneur: Pros and Cons of Product Launches


Product launches are a very popular strategy amongst the best infopreneurs. They are a trackable, conversion based system designed to create more predictable streams of income in your information marketing business. Given the benefits, it’s no wonder that they have been adopted so heavily by our community. Still, let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this is a process you want to add into your marketing mix.

Here is a quick list of some of the pros:

  • They create a surge of cash in your business. The goal is for you is to see a rush of orders come in the moment your product is available for sale. The only way to do that is to stir up genuine customer engagement during the promotional period. A good product launch will do that every time.
  • They create customers out of prospects. There’s a big difference between having a list of prospects and a list of customers. Prospects “browse” while customers “buy”. They are the best way to convert a list of interested prospects into buying customers.
  • They are easily trackable. A well conducted launch will allow you to measure response at each stage of the promotion. Because you can track your results, it is easy to improve your results the next time you execute.

Here is a quick list of some of the cons:

  • They require planning. Product launches require you to script out multiple marketing messages before your product is available for sale. If you are an impatient infropreneur, this is not a strategy for you.
  • They require a list. While there are some ways to overcome this, it is much easier to execute if you already have a list of prospects/customers. An existing list gives your launch a valuable starting place.
  • They require a team. There is a lot of coordinating to be done behind the scenes. For example the email copy, webpage flow, and launch timing all have to be managed during the promotional period. Getting lost in those details will drastically affect the impact of your launch. Make sure you get help early and often.

Product launches are an excellent marketing tool for infopreneurs. They create new buyers, the process is trackable, and when done correctly, create a surge of cash into your business. If you want the results, plan your launch out, continue to build your list, and gather your team to ensure success.


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