Introducing Social Bookmarketing


Marketing a website can be quite difficult and expensive. As technology and the internet advance, new forms of marketing arise. The latest, which I will coin, is bookmarketing.

Social bookmarking allows users to submit a website url to their list. The website url is then viewable on their website and will start receiving traffic almost immediately. There are many different social bookmarking website, from which is mostly article related, to which is pure url. Submitting multiple times and extensions of the same url to these websites can be considered spam, but one submission is fine.

To maximize bookmarketing, post a link on each of your pages to increase bookmarks sites. This makes it much easier for your visitors to bookmark your site on numerous social websites. The most popular social bookmarking sites are, myweb,, and Instead of manually placing links to each social bookmarking site, allows you to place a small piece of code on your website, which automatically creates links to many bookmarking sites.

Our tests have shown that significant traffic can come from social bookmarking sites, namely and In fact, our test site went from 220 unique visitors per day to over 350.

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