Is Internet Marketing Really An Honest Business?


With double opt in boxes on websites, the retailer makes sure that they have your contact information and they continue to bug you in the hopes that you will be so sick of them that you will simply click on the buy now button just to get them out of your hair and get less mail in your email inbox right? Or they continue to give you 101 reasons of why their product is the best for you without even knowing anything about you or your way of life or anything else right?

In the past week, I have run across one program sold on the Internet that guarantees you profit within 90 days (which I have a hard time believing at any time). One is priced at $1.00 with 24/7 support and about 30 up sells – in fact, don’t waste your dollar until you are ready for the up sells, you can’t even start without purchasing an up sell. The other product, exactly the same with a different name, retails for the low price of $997.00. This product too has 24/7 support. The difference of $996.00 shouldn’t matter to the consumer right? This is ridiculous isn’t it?

Are the Internet marketers simply selling the words “financial freedom” or a program, and if they are selling a program, shouldn’t there be differences in the programs offered to the common consumers?

On W-5 (a local program that researches a variety of different topics) recently, there was a program that researched this same topic and the reporter concluded that there was no information out there for the consumer. These internet marketers just had luck in selling their products or whatever and that it was not a long-term solution unless you ran out of common sense consumers in our world – according the announcer at least, and I must say that in a lot of ways I agree with the announcer and applaud them for their honesty.

How do we know if an internet marketer wants to dupe us as consumers?

Another thing I have run into on the internet are ads promoting that someone will hire you and then when you check into it, the person who wrote the ad is pushing an eBay business that you must pay to do – not a job at all. The facts are totally misleading to the consumer looking for an honest job – nothing is done about this though!

A lot of websites on the Internet discuss credibility, however, how can anyone with any common sense in our world, believe in that same credibility when it no longer seems to exist on the Internet today?

Are you credible or are you just looking for a gullible consumer?


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