Jesus Born Human Reveals the Heart of God – Creation Displays God’s Glory


When God spoke, the world we know began. While some disagree with that statement, I will nonetheless go ahead on that premise, God spoke and it was so.

Oral communication, while a form of creating ideas, is also a vehicle of fellowship. Fellowship presumes the ability to hear and to wish to return, in considered intelligence, fellowship with the initiator.

All creation displays the glory of Creator God without mental assent or consideration, except people. God, His work, His heart, and His thoughts of love, demand humanity’s sole consideration. Mankind alone has the choice, do I or do I not represent God in creation; do I show forth His glory? His Heart? His Love?

Humanity is the only created substance, which beyond instinct has unique responsive abilities, equipped with wisdom and discretion, to exercise verbal and spirit fellowship with creator God and with people. Blessed with arbitrary responsive abilities, a person willfully chooses to take part, or not, in His interactive creation glory.

Jesus, God’s oral communication to people, was born in the same flesh of every person, but through Spirit insemination miracle. Jesus, born as Son of Man, lived in and experienced the world as a human. Beyond personal fellowship with His Father, Jesus experienced the same abilities and challenges of all sons of man, subject to the same willful responsive decisions. Both Jesus and all people, can choose to opt for Spirit oneness with God. Jesus consciously decided for His Father’s business.

It was not necessary for God to understand human frailties by birth into the human realm. Humanity is more at ease, however, knowing He did and has more confidence approaching the Mountain of God, His Love, with the knowledge that He knows and cares.

Also vindication, often referred to as justification, became the process for humanity to return to God’s Spirit of Love, therein obliterating mankind’s fallen condition of not having Spirit life as Father God intended. As Jesus, each person decides whose intention is paramount.

Each chooses entrance into original creative perfectness, God’s creation intention, with justifiable boldness, beyond the controlling demands of fleshly urges. The path to realign the human spirit with God’s Spirit relies on the facts surrounding the historical incident of the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth.

God, using decisive verbal freedom, announced ‘it is good’; after He created flesh, people capable of thinking. Fleshly lustful desires functioning in the ears, the eyes, the taste, the touch, and to have wisdom like God, supplanted ‘good’ with lust control–flesh vs. mental. Capricious sensual arbitrariness dominated the will and mind of man.

Agonizing beyond the veil of controlling fleshly desires, Jesus willingly accepted the Father’s will as his own. Redemption of humanity from the folly of imperfect destructive ingenuity became His focus.

Sensual lust interferes with mental abilities to discern and exercise choice to become fully ‘it is good’ human. Also, the choice appears as a threat to human freedom and, as Satan, mankind rebels against original creation freedom.

Mankind born only of the flesh partakes of original sin described as the loss of original contact with Creator God. Rebirth into God’s creative Spirit and His creation intent, individually, in Christ Jesus is for all people to receive.

Agonizing beyond the veil of controlling flesh and the fear of its loss, the sum of flesh/world power, Jesus asked for and received the Father’s will as His own. Redemption of humanity–spirit vs. matter–is to restore the mind of God into the spirit, heart and mind of people; future glory, as Jesus saw it.

Accepting the Spirit and Mind of the true Spirit Father, Jesus’ existence, His essence, and His being was also His Father’s will; being for and disciplining people. Humanity can willfully re-accept this inheritance to become heirs and joint heirs with Christ Jesus and exist in the flesh but beyond the control of its demanding urges.

Prayer: Creator God, I am not in comfortable fellowship. I am not a part of your creation life but that is what I want. I thank you for preparing the path to return to renew my life in you through Christ Jesus. I don’t want my flesh to control me any longer. I could not reach you by any fleshly efforts of my own, goodness knows I tried. Thank you for Jesus. I accept your will Father, to complete the humanness you planned for me. I want my Spirit Father’s guidance; I yield my spirit, my will, and my mind, to your superior knowledge, your Word–Jesus. Amen

Being Godly in an Ungodly World © 2011


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