Jumpstart Your Traffic Through Surgical Link Popularity


Surgical Link Popularity is a concept I have developed, which is used primarily to get a new site launched and into the search engine rankings in the shortest period of time possible. It uses a combination of techniques which when combined, saturate the major search engines with links and content from your new site, forcing them to spider it very quickly indeed. This is a five phase plan, designed to get a new website launched and into the SERPs within a single week.

Phase 1 – Perform full on the page optimisation for your site, make sure URLs, page titles, meta tags and description are all optimal. You may need a professional to do this for you; it is not as straightforward as many people would have you believe.

Phase 2 – Create some content, keyword focused, targeting your specific niche, but DO NOT include it all within your launch site, keep at least 5 pieces of fresh content back, these will be introduced daily once and only once the search engines have begun to index your site, this keeps it fresh and makes them come back more frequently to check for new content.

Phase 3 – Publish the site to your live server, and follow up by submitting it to as many search engines and directories as you physically have time for, this seeds the internet with your site, although it is unlikely you will be indexed very quickly if you only did this.

Phase 4 – Have a professional copy writer produce 10 articles and 10 press releases of around 400 words each, with your key phrases at the correct density throughout, these you will then submit to a handful of the top repositories, only a handful mind you, otherwise you may get slapped with a duplicate content penalty, 3 or 4 is plenty. This gets your link published to sites that the search engines know will change content very often, they index these sites very often, sometimes every few minutes with the more popular sites, and this is the thing that will get your site indexed fast, as it will be found by the search engines spider that is indexing the submission site.

Phases 5 – Once you know the search engines have visited your site (check your traffic logs), then start publishing a new piece of content each day, keep it focused and once it is on-line, then make sure you use social bookmarking sites such as digg and stumble to both generate a link and let the search engines know it’s there and ready to be indexed.

So there we have it, five simple processes designed to get your website into the search engine indexes in a rapid and efficient fashion, of course, you can continue to carry out this kind of website promotion long after launch, but this concept is purely designed to get a new site up and running as quickly as possible.


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