Kindle E-Book Store: New Enhancements


An all new and improved Kindle e-book Store app was launched this month. The app topped the line of tools at Amazon. This news may not be so new to a lot of readers but some have not yet downloaded this app because of two reasons: Some wrong notions have been spread about the app and some have not yet heard about it. This wrong notion must be corrected and facts about the advantages and improvements of the app should be noted.

The kindle e-book Store has improved due to request of users and readers who have found many advantages in using the platform. The new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader will surely help to transform and enhance your reading experience. It is a reading evolution you should experience.

“This is one of the few reasons why I choose kindle e-store, it just improves through time. They provide readers and users the comfort and ease we need,” Jenny said, an avid user of kindle.

This is only one of the many reasons why kindle belongs to the list of royalty apps at amazon and why it is dubbed as The Best Service Provider.

Techtimes stated that Kindle is by far the widest e-book app used in the world. The latter also provided details on why this is so.

First– the Kindle Paperwhite innovation which features 62 percent more pixels with new features such as the time to read which estimates the speed of reading time a reader takes to read a page. Lights can also be adjusted in your preference.

Second -Kindle offers subscription options and traditional e-store. Moreover, it offers 700,000 e-books and audio books available to download in any device. The service offers Whispersync which allows you to switch to audio when you like to listen instead of reading the book.

Third – It offers e-book purchasing without subscription. It also lets you know what’s available to read for the next month. This is another plus to those book lovers who want to read the latest books before anyone else.

Fourth – The store also gives you the bonus of reading four editor picks on any device through the app. For prime users, they can get these books for free.

The Kindle e-book Store offers great deals for readers and non-readers alike. Surely, non-readers will have a change of heart when they try this app. If you are too tired to read then you can switch to audio so you would just listen to your favorite book instead of reading it.

“Everyone should experience this platform. It encourages people to read and be informed. A person who reads is thrice better than a person who has not read at all. If you have no time to read but would definitely want to read if given the time then this is the innovation for you. It offers adjustments that will suit your comfort and convenience,” a testimonial by one of the users at amazon.


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