Launching a New Year Program? Don’t Forget These 4 Strategies!


While your clients are still occupied by the holiday season, it’s time for you to think ahead and plan for the New Year. Most people would set some health and wellness related goals as part of their “New Year Resolution” and you want to be there when they are looking for support.

Now is a good time to plan for your launch – typically you want 4-6 weeks lead time before the start of the program so you can get the word out about your offering.

Just putting up some sales page or handing out some flyers then cross your fingers is not going to cut it. You need a plan with proven strategies so you can reach more potential clients and increase sign up.

There are many launch plans and strategies out there. It may get overwhelming and even confusing. Instead of getting sucked into all the shiny objects, focus your effort on these basic strategies then choose the technology to support the execution:

1. Drip Content

Leading up to the announcement of your program, you can put out content – e.g. blog posts or videos – related to the topic of your program. You can mention in those articles/videos that if the readers are interested in learning more about the topic, they can keep an eye out for your preview call, and maybe sign up for your list so they don’t miss the announcement.

After you have created the content, you will need to spread the word to drive traffic to your site. A bonus tip: you can use this opportunity to help you capture leads and grow your list by adding some kind of “pop up” featuring your free opt-in gift to your website.

2. Preview Call/Webinar

Besides sharing valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert, a “preview” or “launch” call related to the topic of your program will also help you grow your list with prospects who are interested in what your upcoming program covers.

Keep in mind that this call is not JUST about giving away a load of content. You want to take this opportunity to build a relationship with your audience by sharing your story as related to the topic at hand. You want to cultivate awareness about the problem your program solves so your audience will understand why they need to take action. And of course you want to leave enough time so you can share your upcoming program and let your audience know how they can sign up (don’t skimp on this part!)

3. Follow Up Emails

After you announce your offer on your launch call, don’t expect people to hop on right away and buy! Your clients are busy, and you need to remind them to take action. You don’t expect them to remember the URL just by hearing it a couple of times on the call – you need to send them the link.

Money is in the follow up, and don’t be shy. People don’t read every single email from you, and if you don’t show up a few times – you are doing your clients a disservice! You should plan for at least 3 follow up emails – one right after the call with the recording download link, one a few days before the early action bonus ends, and one “last call” email on the day when the early action bonus ends.

4. Early Action Discount/Bonus

This is a great way to entice people to take action. You can offer an early bird discount, or add some bonus for those who sign up before a certain date – or a combination of both. Don’t forget to play this up in your promotional materials – people like discounts and bonuses!


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